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From tile to hardware, your bathroom doesn’t have to be forgotten when it comes to beautiful, functional design. Here are our favorite bathroom design and decor tips!

Contemporary bathroom ideas

10 Genius Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas

Create a bathroom with contemporary design ideas. Get clean lines, minimalist style, and innovative features to create a serene, spa-like retreat. Transform your space into a modern oasis.
Half-bathroom ideas

3 Bold Half-Bathroom Design Ideas

Discover bold color palettes, eye-catching wallpapers, statement lighting, and more to transform your compact powder room into a design-forward half-bathroom sanctuary. Get tips to maximize style in a small space.
Modern bathroom design ideas Spa ayshanassarinteriors

10 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas to Steal

Get ideas and inspiration for designing a relaxing, spa-like modern bathroom. Tips cover layouts, tiles, colors, fixtures, smart tech, and more bathroom design trends.
Regular vs walk-in shower cohesivelycurated

Regular Showers vs. Walk-in Showers

What are the pros and cons of regular showers versus walk-in showers? Learn about the key differences in style, size, layout, accessibility, cost, and more when choosing your dream shower.

7 Black Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Explore sleek black bathroom vanity ideas and designs, versatile styles, and creative ways to integrate black into your home. Elevate your bathroom's allure with bold elegance.
Double shower ideas @akbdesign

7 Double Shower Ideas from Designers

Explore inspiring double shower design ideas for a luxurious and functional bathroom. Discover innovative layouts and styles for your ideal bathing oasis.
Bathroom with fireplace design ideas marianne_cotterill

3 Bathrooms with a Cozy Fireplace

Experience luxury and warmth with bathrooms featuring cozy fireplaces! Turn your bathroom into a tranquil winter retreat with these ideas.

What is a Water Closet?

Discover water closet function, design ideas, and innovative ways to integrate this historical space into your home.
Marble shower ideas no.17house

10 Stunning Marble Shower Ideas

These marble shower ideas will inspire your next bathroom renovation project with their stunning design and creative use of marble!
Bathroom Vanity via @brookewagnerdesign

Bathroom Vanity Design Tips: What to Consider

These bathroom vanity design tips offer insights into maximizing functionality, optimizing space, and achieving aesthetic cohesion, considering factors like layout, storage needs, materials, and style preferences.
Double Bathroom Vanities via Kate Marker Interiors

5 Best Double Bathroom Vanities

Double bathroom vanities are a common design choice for people who live with someone else. If you want more space, then they might be good for you!
Bathroom Essentials via

12 Bathroom Essentials

Get a simple list of all the major bathroom essentials you need when moving to a new home or apartment!

10 Best Bathroom Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value

From modern fixtures and updated lighting to stylish tile work and energy-efficient features, strategic bathroom upgrades can significantly boost your home's value by enhancing functionality, aesthetics, and appeal to potential buyers.
Double Concrete Bathroom Vanity built-in ideas enchantedberkeley

7 Concrete Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Explore durable and stylish concrete bathroom vanity ideas that blend functionality with modern design. Learn how to choose and maintain a concrete vanity for your bathroom makeover.

Alcove Bathtubs: What to Know for Beginners

Alcove bathtubs, designed for efficiency and space-saving, are installed against three walls, ideal for beginners seeking a practical yet elegant bathing solution for their bathrooms.
Pink bathroom tile ideas 2lgstudio

12 Gorgeous Pink Bathroom Tile Ideas

Add a touch of playful elegance to your bathroom with these stunning pink tile ideas. From blush accents to bold statement walls, get inspired to embrace this timeless hue.

Built-in Bathroom Vanities: Pros and Cons

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of built-in bathroom vanities. Read insights on the pros and cons of incorporating these space-saving fixtures into your home design.