3 Bathrooms with a Cozy Fireplace

There’s nothing quite as luxurious as a fireplace to elevate a space to something truly extraordinary, but we don’t often think of a fireplace as part of a modern bathroom design. However, the bathroom is just another room in the home, and given today’s customization trends and building capabilities, we are seeing more and more bathrooms featuring fireplaces.

A few factors contribute to this emerging trend. There is a natural cozy and spa-like atmosphere that a fireplace adds to any room. There’s also the fact that contemporary homes boast open-plan layouts and master bathrooms that connect directly to the bedroom, so the hearth can be enjoyed from multiple rooms and vantage points.

Of course, size and budget constraints used to mean that home fireplaces were reserved for the great room or dining room, but modern designs are finding clever ways to incorporate them into smaller layouts.

In this post, we’ll share inspiring photos of some of our favorite bathrooms featuring fireplaces, discuss design ideas ranging from modern to rustic styles, and provide tips on things to consider if you’re thinking of adding a fireplace to your dream bathroom oasis.

Bathroom with fireplace design ideas marianne_cotterill
Bathroom fireplace design @archdigestpro Thomas O’Brien
@archdigestpro Thomas O’Brien

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