17 Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

If you are curious what mid-century modern bathroom designs look like, then these examples will show you. If you’re going about a bathroom redesign, then you may be searching for inspirational images of how to decorate a mid-century bathroom with modern features. 

Mid-century modern interior style has certainly made a comeback in contemporary interior design. Many homes are inspired by the simple design of mid-century furniture, the warm wood tones, and the general practicality of mid century spaces.  

The bathroom is an intimate place generally meant to prepare ourselves for the day ahead. It’s not a place we spend a ton of time in, but it still deserves to be a comfortable room. You may even enjoy a relaxing bath in your bathroom at the end of the day, if it’s equipped with a bathtub! 

Mid-Century Bathroom Design

Today we’re going to look at some mid-century modern bathroom design ideas to help guide you in your own bathroom renovation. 

Mustard Yellow Vase 

I love the cute mustard yellow vase sitting on the wood bathroom vanity of this mid-century bathroom!

Mustard Yellow Vase Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @hellorefuge

Warm Wood Vanity 

Warm brown wood is commonly found throughout mid-century homes.

Warm Wood Vanity Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @gachotstudios

Pale Green Cubic Shower Tiling 

The pale green cubic shower tiling of this mid-mod bathroom gives it a super retro vibe.

Pale Green Cubic Shower Tiling Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @destinationeichler

Wood Rectangular Mirrors

Simple wood framed rectangular mirrors create a very mid-century modern aesthetic in this home.

Wood Rectangular Mirrors and Black Leaning Ladder for Towels in Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @mymoderndom

Green Floral Wallpaper 

How cute is mid-century modern green floral wallpaper? It looks great with a simple white bathroom vanity.

Green Floral Wallpaper Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @theretrobeehive

Tropical Shower Curtain 

The banana leaf tropical shower curtain in this bathroom give it a very Palm Springs vibe!

Tropical Shower Curtain Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @postandbeamliving

Pink Flamingo Wallpaper

Here is another great example of tropical mid-century style. This gorgeous pink flamingo wallpaper makes a pop in the bathroom! It’s very fit for a Palm Springs, California home. The pink toilet paper is a must, too.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom with Flamingo wallpaper via @melodrama

Gray Geometric Floor Tile

Gray and black geometric floor tile give this room a trendy mid-mod look. White subway wall tiles balance out the space.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom with Gray Geometric Floor Tile

Gray Geometric Tile and Brown Wood Cabinets

The pebbled effect of this gray backsplash tile create an interesting texture in this bathroom. The warm brown wood cabinets create a welcoming environment.

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom with Gray Geometric Tile and Brown Wood Cabinets via @theatomicranch

Turquoise Walls and Hexagon Tile Floors

This bold bathroom design features turquoise walls and hexagon tile floors.

Turquoise Walls and Hexagon Tile Floors Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @destinationeichler

White Vessel Sink

A white vessel sink is a popular choice for a mid-century bathroom. I also like the black grout in between the white subway tiles.

White Vessel Sink Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @audreycrispinteriors

Pale Green Square Tile

Another pastel green accent color for the bathroom.

Pale Green Square Tile in Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @melodrama

Brass Rod Lighting Fixtures

Brass rod lighting is a great choice for your mid-mod bathroom lighting. Whether you go for a sputnik chandelier or starburst one, brass is a great retro lighting choice.

Brass Rod Lighting Fixure and Sideboard Vanity in Mid-Century Modern Bathroom

Pink Ceiling

Create a pink pop on the ceiling of your mid-century modern bathroom. This bathroom has a pink marble vanity countertop and curved wall mirror.

Pink Ceiling in Mid-Century Modern Bathroom via @gilliansegaldesign

Marble Countertops on Double Vanity

I love the marble countertops and tiling of this bathroom with a double vanity.

Marble Countertops Double Vanity in Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Design

Vertical Geometric Tile Design

This vertical geometric wall tile is quintessentially mid-century modern! The different shades of turquoise blue make it look stunning.

Vertical Geometric Tile Design in Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Wall tile via @theatomicranch

Wood Vanity and Vessel Sink

A very simple and practical mid-century modern bathroom look.

Wood Vanity and Vessel Sink Mid-Century Modern Bathroom @sunrise_over_sea

I hope these mid-century modern bathroom design ideas gave you lots of inspiration for creating a beautiful mid-century aesthetic in your bathroom. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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