33 Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas with Beachy Style

Are you looking for coastal bathrooms that will inspire you to finally redo the bathroom in your summer home or beach home? With summer fast approaching, now is the time to start considering what kind of bathroom you wish to design.

From nautical elements to lake house vibes, there are many different types of coastal decor to choose for your bathroom. We’re going to share with you the most popular design ideas and give you an overview of the different beach home bathrooms that have become popular on Instagram and Pinterest!

Coastal Bathroom Decor Ideas

When it comes to designing your bathroom, be sure to consider the placement of your toilet, sink, and shower if there will be one. These are the most basic elements of a full bathroom. Beyond that, coastal decor is known for its blue, sea green, and beige color scheme. Think about if you prefer to include pops of unconventional, but summery colors like coral or pink.

Using rope will give your bathroom a nautical feel. Sea life or marine life are a popular choice for decorative elements like towels, rugs, and wallpaper.

1. Blue and White Subway Shower Tiles

This is one of my favorite coastal bathroom decor ideas. Look how beautiful the subway tiles look in the form of nautical stripes. Four layers of thin rectangular tiles form each stripe which alternates between a deep navy blue and a bright white color. Very coastal chic and modern!

Coastal Bathroom Subway Shower Tiles via @digsdesignco

2. Beige Shiplap and Pebbled Floors

There’s a lot to love about this coastal bathroom. From the beautiful pebbled floors to the beige shiplap walls, this bathroom is very homey and inviting. A natural wood dresser serves as a bathroom vanity and a white vessel sink sits on top.

Coastal Bathroom with Beige Shiplap and Pebbled Floors

3. Blue Accent Wall

The blue accent wall in this bathroom really gives it extra depth and character.

Coastal Bathroom with Blue Accent Wall

4. Blue wall art

A simple piece of artwork can go a long way in transforming your bathroom.

Coastal Bathroom with blue wall art via @timbertrailshomes

5. Circular Window

In true coastal window style, this round mirror looks beautiful in this modern coastal bathroom with muted blue wainscoting and a large white bathtub for soaking.

Coastal Bathroom with Circular Window via @clarkandcohomes

6. Rope Mirrors

These oval rope mirrors really help create a coastal nautical vibe in this bathroom.

Coastal Bathroom with Rope Mirrors via @apopofprettyblog

7. Double Trough Vanity

Coastal Bathroom with Double Trough Vanity via @karahebertinteriors

8. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap is one of the most common coastal bathroom ideas.

Coastal Bathroom with Shiplap Wall via Stephen Alexander Homes
Stephen Alexander Homes

9. Fish Scale Tile

10. Rattan chair

Coastal Bathroom with Rattan chair via @karahebertinteriors

11. Fish Wallpaper

12. Gray Subway Tile

Coastal Bathroom with Gray Subway Tile via @brookewagnerdesign

13. Whale Wallpaper

Coastal Bathroom with Whale Wallpaper via @karahebertinteriors

14. Sea Green Wallpaper

Coastal Bathroom with Sea Green Wallpaper via @karahebertinteriors

15. Green Cabinets and Green Palm Wallpaper

Coastal Bathroom with Green Cabinets and Green Palm Wallpaper via @karahebertinteriors

16. Minimal Seashell Decorations

Coastal Bathroom with Minimal Seashell Decorations

17. Trough Sink

Coastal Bathroom Design with Trough Sink via @amystudebakerdesign

18. Blue Palm Wallpaper

Coastal Bathroom with Blue Palm Wallpaper via @karahebertinteriors

19. Nautical Round Mirror

Coastal Bathroom with Nautical Round Mirror via @karahebertinteriors

20. Navy Subway Tiles in Shower

Coastal Bathroom with Navy Subway Tiles in Shower via @apopofprettyblog

21. Neutral panels and blue floor tiles

Coastal Bathroom with Neutral panels and blue floor tiles via @donna_guyler_design

22. Newport Tile in Shower

Coastal Bathroom with Newport Tile in Shower via @digsdesignco

23. Octopus and Lobster Wall Art

Coastal Bathroom with Octopus and Lobster Wall Art via Chango and Co
Chango and Co

24. Rattan Mirror

Rattan mirrors are the perfect coastal bathroom accessory!

Coastal Bathroom with Rattan Mirror via Lauren Leonard
Lauren Leonard

25. Rope Mirror and Striped Wallpaper

Coastal bathroom ideas can also include nautical elements!

Coastal Bathroom with Rope Mirror and Striped Wallpaper via @karahebertinteriors

26. Navy Accent Wall

Coastal Bathroom with Navy Accent Wall via Anna from Moore Creative
Anna / Moore Creative

27. Sea Green Subway Tiles

Coastal Bathroom with Sea Green Subway Tiles via @studiomiel

28. Seashell Decor

Coastal Bathroom with Seashell Decor via Executive Craftsman CT
Executive Craftsman CT

29. Shiplap walls

You can’t go wrong with shiplap walls when it comes to coastal bathroom design!

Coastal Bathroom with Shiplap walls via @lilypadcottage

30. Soft Blue Vanity

Mixing different shades of blue tones is one of my favorite coastal bathroom ideas.

Coastal Bathroom with Soft Blue Vanity via @digsdesignco

31. Trough Sink

A trough sink is the perfect way to give your bathroom a nautical vibe.

Coastal Bathroom with Trough Sink via @digsdesignco

32. Rope Mirror

Rope mirrors are a classic piece in coastal style bathrooms!

Coastal Bathroom with Rope Mirror via Elements of Style
Elements of Style

33. Turquoise Tiles on Wall

This designer used turquoise arabesque wall tiles to decorate the wall of the bathroom behind the vanity sink.

Coastal Bathroom with Turquoise Tiles on Wall

Coastal Bathroom Design Tips

How do I make my bathroom look coastal? To create a coastal look in your bathroom, start by choosing a soft color palette inspired by the beach, such as shades of blue, white, or sandy beige. Incorporate natural materials like driftwood, palm stems, seashells, sea glass, or braided textures into your accessories or even as framed art.

Select fixtures and hardware with a weathered or nautical appearance can also add to the coastal vibe. Use coastal-themed textiles like striped or seashell-patterned towels and shower curtains to tie the look together. Lastly, include plants or flowers that are reminiscent of coastal landscapes, such as seagrass or palm leaves.

Coastal Bathroom Layouts

Coastal bathroom layouts often emphasize open and airy spaces, so consider a layout that maximizes natural light through large windows or skylights. A freestanding bathtub positioned near a window can create a focal point and provide a serene view, similar to a coastal spa experience. Using a light and neutral color scheme, with materials such as whitewashed wood and natural stone, can enhance the coastal feel.

Open shelves or cabinets with woven baskets allow for storage that maintains the beach-inspired aesthetic. Finally, positioning mirrors strategically to reflect both natural and artificial light can create an illusion of spaciousness and add to the coastal ambiance.

Coastal Bathroom Colors

Coastal bathroom colors typically draw inspiration from the sea and shore, focusing on a calming and natural palette. Shades of blue, ranging from pale sky blue to deeper aqua tones, evoke the ocean and can be paired with crisp whites for a fresh, airy look. Sandy beige and soft taupe colors make for a neutral backdrop that reflects the colors of the beach, allowing for flexibility with other coastal accents.

Combining these with subtle green hues that mimic sea grass or coastal vegetation adds an earthy touch. To complete the coastal color theme, using finishes in weathered wood, brushed nickel, or matte silver can add texture and interest to the overall modern coastal design.

Coastal Bathroom Tiles

Coastal bathroom tiles often mirror the colors and textures found at the beachfront. They may include shades of blue, turquoise, or aqua, often blended in a mosaic pattern to emulate the appearance of the ocean’s waves. Natural stone or pebble tiles can mimic the feeling of sitting on the beach, offering a tactile connection to coastal landscapes.

Coastal subway tiles in soft white or light beige, perhaps with a slightly weathered finish, offer a clean, nautical look. Glass tiles, with their reflective qualities, can further add to the sense of fluidity and light, enhancing the coastal theme in your bathroom.

What do you think of these beach home bathroom decor ideas?

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