10 Gorgeous Pink Bathroom Decor Ideas

While decorating a room pink is often associated with girls’ bedrooms, this feminine color can also be used to design interiors for adults. Today I’m sharing several gorgeous pink bathroom design ideas for you to admire. These pink bathrooms are elegant and striking.

Pink is the perfect color to use as a base for your powder room design. Whether you are designing a half or full bathroom, these pink bathroom decor ideas will spark your creativity.

Pink bathroom design is often associated with the 1950s. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower was a big fan of the color pink. She started the trend for bathrooms across America to feature pink tiled walls and pink bathtubs. The “Mamie pink bathroom” was born thanks to her!

Today, there are a lot of ways to decorate a modern pink bathroom if you want to avoid channeling grandma! Here are the most pleasing pink bathroom ideas to discover.

Choosing Colors to Coordinate With Pink

What colors go best with a pink bathroom? Choosing colors to go with a pink bathroom can depend on the shade of pink and the overall style you’re aiming for. However, here are some color recommendations:

  1. White: Pink and white is a classic combination that’s crisp, fresh, and elegant. White helps to brighten up the room and make the pink stand out.
  2. Gray: A soft gray can complement pink well, lending a sophisticated, modern feel to the space. Lighter grays can create a soft, romantic look, while darker grays can offer more contrast and drama.
  3. Black: For a bold, chic look, consider pairing pink with black. This color combination can make your bathroom feel glamorous and contemporary.
  4. Green: Depending on the shade, green can provide a lively, fresh contrast to pink. Mint or sage greens are especially beautiful with softer pinks, while deeper greens can offer a more sophisticated contrast with brighter pinks.
  5. Gold or Brass: Metallic accents can add a touch of luxury and warmth to a pink bathroom. Gold or brass fixtures, mirrors, or other decor items can work beautifully against a pink backdrop.
  6. Wood tones: Natural wood colors, from light to dark, can pair well with pink to create a warm, earthy feel in your bathroom. This is a great way to balance out the sweetness of pink and create a more grounded look.

Flamingo Wallpaper

Our first pink-themed bathroom features stunning flamingo wallpaper. This bathroom belongs to the daughter of de Gournay. It features wallpaper from the Panoramic collection.

Pink bathroom design flamingo wallpaper Hannah Cecil Gurney
Hannah Cecil Gurney

Pink Square Shower Tile

This Australian bathroom features pink square shower tiles with white grout.

Pink bathroom square shower tiles ourbrisbanebuild

Swan Wall Mural

This stunning pink bathroom has beautiful swans painted onto the walls. The pink checkerboard flooring adds another element of interest to this upscale bathroom design.

Pink bathroom with swan wall art Kate Walker Design
Kate Walker Design

Pink Onyx Bathroom

Pink onyx is a fabulous stone to design a bathroom!

Pink bathroom design pink onyx shower @adamhunter

Mamie Style Pink Bathroom

This is a great example of a modern bathroom that pays homage to the retro Mamie pink bathroom decorating style. It proves that modern and traditional can work together!

Pink bathroom ideas mamie tile @kenfulk

Pink Marble Vanity

The pink marble vanity against the patterned pink wallpaper in this small bathroom is lovely.

Pink bathroom design @hilarymattinteriors

Pink Shiplap Walls

This bathroom features pale pink tones including a rose blush vanity and vertical shiplap walls. It’s toned down, subtle, and chic.

Pink bathroom small vanity via @heidicaillierdesign

Pink Shower Tile

The pink shower tile in this bathroom create a cozy and feminine design.

Pink bathroom shower tiles sevenpalmtreehouse

Pink Minimalism

While pink is a bold color to choose for a bathroom, keeping the design as minimal as possible makes it work well!

Pink bathroom ideas onyx sink by Nicole Hollis
Nicole Hollis

Pink Backsplash

This bathroom design is mostly white with a splash of pink tiled backsplash to give it some energy!

Pink bathroom ideas tarakantorinteriors

Pink Bathroom Vanity

If you’re bold, go for a pink cabinet vanity!

I hope you enjoyed these pink bathroom ideas!


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