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Curated Interior is an interior design blog offering creative home decor ideas, detailed tips for interior design projects, honest furniture reviews, and practical advice to help you decorate your home like a pro on any budget. Get inspired to transform your space into a place you love and make your house a home with style and confidence!

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Summertime Decor

Add warmth to your home this summer with our vibrant and playful decor ideas. From tropical-inspired prints to breezy textiles, bring the joy of summer indoors. Read now to transform your space into a sunny oasis!

Style Guides

Love a certain aesthetic? Browse my style spotlights like modern, farmhouse, coastal, minimalist, eclectic, and more to find ideas that suit your taste. I’ll share how to decorate in the look you love through furniture picks, color palettes, layouts, and key decorative accents to emulate the style.

The kitchen is the heart of the home! Browse my tips for gorgeous yet functional kitchen design – from choosing countertops and backsplashes, to kitchen island and cabinet ideas, appliance picks, layouts, and more. I’ll help you create a beautiful, efficient kitchen no matter your space or budget.

Discover my top guides to the most popular interior design styles on the site. I’ll share the key features of each aesthetic and how to decorate to achieve it through furniture, color palettes, lighting, layouts, and decorative details.


Clean lines, neutral hues, natural textures – learn how to embrace modern minimalism with my tips for decorating in this chic, contemporary style.


Capture casual, beach house chic with my coastal decorating ideas – think relaxing neutrals, weathered woods, and natural textiles.


Create a calming oasis with my tips for decorating with neutral colors – gain inspiration to use creams, greys, and tans throughout your rooms.

Home Products

Discover my top picks for home gadgets and products that make decorating, cleaning, and daily life more beautiful and efficient.

Organization and Storage

Declutter and simplify your home with my creative organization and storage solutions! Browse room-by-room tips to maximize closets, utilize wall space, reimagine furniture, invest in storage containers, and more. I’ll share easy DIY ideas and shopping recommendations to help you conquer clutter and design an efficient, organized home that’s beautiful and functional.