7 Brass Bathroom Hardware Ideas

Bathroom with shiplap walls, Yildiz marble mosaic floor tile and brass bathroom vanity

Brass is the finish of choice these days and if you’re in the middle of a bathroom renovation, then you may be considering brass hardware and brass fixtures for your project! Brass bathroom hardware gives your space a vintage, modern farmhouse feel.

Brass Bathroom Hardware

Here are some ideas to consider if you’re looking for ways to incorporate brass into your bathroom hardware. I’d recommend going with antique brass finish or a brushed brass finish which are less shiny/gold, and more aged.

1. Brass Bathroom Vanities

I love the look of a brass bathroom vanity or brass washstand. Typically the sink top portion is made of marble, porcelain or a durable painted clay. Here are a few affordable brass bathroom vanities and washstands:


2. Brass Bathroom Faucets

Antique brass bathroom faucets can add a touch of charm to your bathroom. Here are our favorites:


3. Brass Bathroom Mirrors

Swapping out your old mirror for a brass one is one of the easiest and low maintenance ways to add some brass to your bathroom!


4. Brass Bathroom Sconces

Brass bathroom sconces can light up your bathroom and match your other brass fixtures perfectly!

1-2 light scones are great for single vanity bathrooms and can be placed above the mirror or on either side:


3 & 4 light brass scones are best for double vanities:


5. Brass Bathroom Hooks

You can hang brass hooks on the walls of your bathroom to hang bath towels, hand towels, robes and clothes.


6. Brass Towel Racks

If you have a bit more space in your bathroom, you may want to add a brass towel rack to hang your towels to dry in the bathroom:


7. Brass Toilet Paper Holders



A Few More Brass Hardware Ideas

Here are a couple more brass hardware ideas to consider for your bathroom design:

Brass Bathroom Hardware Sets

Perhaps the easiest thing to do is just buy a brass bathroom hardware set. This way your design is consistent throughout the space!

Here are our favorite hardware sets:

Brass Bathroom Hardware Inspiration

Check out some bathrooms that use brass hardware in their design!

Bathroom with subway tile, vessel sink and brass hardware
Brass Bathroom Washstand

I hope this post helped give you an overview of all the wonderful ways you can decorate your bathroom with brass hardware! Do you have any brass hardware recommendations?

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you very much for providing us with a piece of good information and a helpful platform. And your knowledge of Bathroom Accessories is truly valuable to me. you have well explained this topic. Thank you furthermore.

  2. I’m renovating a bathroom in our circa 1900 Dutch Colonial vacation home in Maine, and I’d love to find the sink and tile used in the first picture from Homespun- I looked on their website and also submitted a contact form to them, but would you by chance have a link that gives more information? I’ve spend hours googling and have come close to the sink, but not the tile.

    Our bathroom has original brass fixtures that we’re hoping to keep, the tile and sink would be a great match! Thanks for your time.

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