Pink Bathroom Tile Ideas

Pink is having a major moment in home decor right now. From millennial pink to blush to rose quartz, various shades of pink are gracing the pages of interior design magazines and the feeds of popular influencers. While pink may seem like an unexpected choice for a bathroom, it can actually create a charming and elegant space when done right. The key is finding the right hue and style of tile to complement your existing bathroom aesthetic.

In today’s post, I’m sharing my favorite pink bathroom tile ideas to inspire you to incorporate this fun and feminine color into your home. Pink tile can range from soft and subtle to bright and bold. I’ll cover stylish tile designs in lighter pink shades as well as more daring magenta tiles.

Whether you’re looking to give your bathroom a modern flair or a classic vibe, you will find the perfect pink tile idea below. Pink tile is a great way to add a punch of pink color and personality without going overboard. Let’s dive into some gorgeous ways to use pink bathroom tiles to elevate your space!

Pink bathroom tile ideas 2lgstudio

Grid Tiles

The square pink tiles selectively line the bathroom creating two stripes for each vanity. The shiny gold hardware beautifully reflects the lighting in the room. Three glass pendant lights hang from the ceiling. There’s also a gorgeous marble wall to the right of the double sinks which adds organic design next to the rigid grid of the tiles.

Rebecca Judd / artedomus
Round brass mirror hanging on pink tile bathroom wall
Rebecca Judd / artedomus
Pink tile bathroom vanities
Rebecca Judd's pink tile bathroom with tub
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  1. Hello, can you tell me what tile was used on the floor, and what material was used on the wall (the marble look wall)?


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