Editorial Guidelines and Policy

Welcome to the Editorial Guidelines and Policy page for the Curated Interior home design and decorating website. Our aim is to be a trusted source for design ideas, tips, and trends. Our content is focused on delivering value to homeowners, renters, and design enthusiasts. To maintain a high level of quality, we adhere to the following guidelines:

Content Focus: We cover a broad range of topics within interior design. This includes room-specific tips, trends, DIY projects, and product reviews. We strive to be inclusive, catering to various styles and budgets.

Authorship: All articles are written by qualified contributors. Our writers have expertise in interior design or related fields. Fact-checking is mandatory, and writers must cite reliable sources.

Tone and Style: Our tone is friendly, informative, and professional. Articles should be easy to read and free from jargon. The content should be structured with subheadings, bullet points, and images to improve readability.

Originality: All content must be original. We do not accept articles that are published elsewhere. Any data, quotes, or external content must be properly cited.

Imagery: We use high-quality, relevant images from established interior designers to enhance the content. Images are either owned by us or credited to the interior designer appropriately. We comment upon designers’ work as permitted under the United States fair use copyright policy.

Editing: Articles undergo a rigorous editing process by our Editor-in-Chief. This ensures that the content meets our quality standards and aligns with our editorial vision.

Ethics and Disclosure: Honesty and transparency are critical. If an article includes product reviews or affiliated links, this will be clearly disclosed to the reader. We do not accept paid link insertions of any kind. Sponsored posts from brands are noted as such at the top and bottom of the article.

Feedback: We encourage comments and discussions among our readers. However, we reserve the right to moderate comments to maintain a respectful environment.

By adhering to these guidelines, we aim to create a credible, informative, and engaging resource for all things interior design and home decorating.

Thank you for being a part of our community!