21 English Country Bathroom Designs to Inspire You

These charming English country bathrooms are quintessentially British in style and design. We love a good bathroom design and even more so from a rustic country home or farmhouse. You will fall in love with these English cottage bathrooms just as we did!

English country decor is known for its floral decorations, chintz walls, pale colors and rustic country style. We are going to share some modern as well as traditional examples of English bathrooms in the countryside. There are many beautiful English estates to take design inspiration from as you decorate your home!

English Country Bathrooms

The bathroom is a very intimate space. For cleaning up, doing our makeup, and doing our business this is a small yet very practical room in the house! You want to make sure that your bathroom suits all your needs and is comfortable at the same time. You may even want to soak in the tub after a long day. These ideas will help you create the perfect English bathroom oasis.

We hope you love these English bathroom ideas from across the internet.

Skirted Side Table

Skirted furniture is a quintessentially English design choice. This gorgeous bathroom has a clawfoot tub and skirted side table nearby.

Skirted Side Table near Clawfoot bathtub in English country bathroom design ideas via Holker Estate
Holker Estate

Tufted Chaise Lounge

I adore this luxurious English bathroom! The turquoise tufted chaise lounge nearby the bathtub is the perfect area to lounge. The teal floral wallpaper makes this space so relaxing.

Tufted Chaise Lounge and clawfoot bathtub in English country bathroom design at Babington House
Babington House UK

Vintage Style

This vintage style English bathroom has beautiful floral wallpaper and plenty of fresh flowers on a small able near the bathtub. A crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling above. A wood armoire holds bath linens nearby.

Vintage English country bathroom ideas

Skirted Sink

This bathroom vanity has a skirted sink for a feminine bathroom design.

Skirted Sink English Country Bathroom with Curtain around the Bathroom sink via @carlosgarciainteriors

Red Clawfoot Tub

This unique bathroom has a red clawfoot tub and an exposed wood ceiling beam.

Red Clawfoot Tub in English Country Bathroom via Charles O’Connor and Edward Greenall House and Garden
Charles O’Connor and Edward Greenall House and Garden

Marble Bathroom Sink Vanity

How gorgeous is this marble bathroom sink vanity?

Marble Bathroom sink vanity in English Country Bathroom decor via Rupert and Anna Bradstock
Rupert and Anna Bradstock

Thick Curtains

It gets quite cold in the English countryside, so be sure to install some thick curtains to keep your bathroom warm during the harsh English winters.

Thick Curtains in English country bathroom design at Somerleyton Hall Estate Elle Decor
Somerleyton Hall Estate / Elle Decor

Blue and White Damask Wallpaper

This bold damask wallpaper has navy blue and cream white tones.

Blue and White Damask Wallpaper in English Country Bathroom via Babington House
Babington House

Gray English Bathroom

Gray is a smart choice for a modern English bathroom design.

Gray English Country Bathroom via Caroline Holdaway
Caroline Holdaway

Vintage Mirror

This modern bathroom design has a single vintage mirror giving it extra unique charm.

Vintage Mirror in English Country Bathroom Design with double sinks via Mark Taylor Design
Mark Taylor Design

Marble Bathroom Fireplace

Winters in England can be quite cold so having a fireplace in the bathroom is a very practical choice for heating the room where we take our clothes off to bathe!

English country bathroom fireplace via Will Fisher for the Telegraph
Will Fisher for the Telegraph

Green Walls

Many English country rooms have colorful walls to brighten up the dreary cloudy winter days!

Green Walls in English country bathroom via Mount Algidus House & Garden
Mount Algidus House & Garden

Charming Clutter

Since many English cottage bathrooms tend to be small, I noticed that many of them are quite cluttered! I think that this gives them so much charm, however Having little bits and bobs stashed in every nook and cranny shows that the house is truly “lived in” and not just a showroom for a magazine or pretentious family.

Charming Clutter in English Country Bathroom Design ideas

Floral Wallpaper

You can’t go wrong with floral wallpaper! Put some family photos and a gallery wall display over it to create an interesting wall decor design.

Floral wallpaper in English country bathroom design via @danielpieckielonslowik

Bath & Closet Combination Room

This English bathroom doubles as a closet! The owners garments hang from the armoires and built-in closets against the wall, making this a double purpose space – a dressing room and a bathroom!

English country bathroom and Closet via Alice Naylor-Leyland
Alice Naylor-Leyland / Architectural Digest

Traditional Chintz Walls

You can’t have an English country decorating article without traditional chintz wallpaper!

Traditional chintz walls in English Country Bathroom Decor ideas via House & Garden Simon Upton
House & Garden Simon Upton

This gorgeous English bathroom has nan extensive gallery wall filled with old photos and botanical drawings. It certainly gives you something to look at while soaking in the tub!

Gallery wall in English country bathroom decor ideas via Book THE ENGLISH COUNTRY HOUSE by James Peill photo by James Fennell
“The English Country House” by James Peill & James Fennell

Wainscoting Walls

Wainscoting is a beautiful English wall design element.

Wainscoting wall Modern english country bathroom design via @neptunehomeofficial

Shower Stall Design

Have you ever seen a more glamorous shower stall? This bathroom with pale green walls has a clawfoot shower stall with brushed nickel hardware.

Shower Stall in English country bathroom via Edward Bulmer Queen Anne Country House
Edward Bulmer Queen Anne Country House

Traditional Floral Curtains

This traditional English bathroom has thick floral curtains, polka dotted pink floral wallpaper, and a makeup vanity with a small mirror.

Traditional floral curtains in English country bathroom via The English Home May 2013
The English Home May 2013

Wood Stool

Every country bathroom needs a rustic wood stool to keep bathroom accessories!

Wood stool in Modern English country bathroom via Ben Thompson Heckfield Place
Ben Thompson Heckfield Place

I hope you liked these English country bathroom ideas from the UK! As you can see, British bathrooms have a lot of charming elements that we can all take some design inspiration from. 

More English Country Home Ideas

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Happy curating!


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