7 Concrete Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Concrete is an on-trend material that can add modern, industrial style to any bathroom. If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom and want a bathroom vanity that feels sleek and contemporary, a concrete vanity may be the perfect choice.

Today I’ll share some of my favorite concrete bathroom vanity ideas to inspire your next remodel. From simple concrete vessel sinks to bold concrete countertops, there are lots of ways to incorporate this material into your bathroom design.

Concrete adds raw, utilitarian texture and works well with any style from modern to farmhouse. Keep reading for photos of stylish concrete vanities plus tips for integrating this material into your bathroom while avoiding an overly cold or sterile look.

With the right accents and finishes, a concrete vanity can bring cool contrast and an urban edge to your bathroom oasis.

Using Concrete for Your Bathroom Vanity

Concrete is a versatile and durable material that has gained popularity for bathroom vanities. It offers a contemporary aesthetic that can be customized in various colors and finishes. Concrete is also heat-resistant and easy to clean, which makes it practical for a bathroom setting.

However, it is important to note that concrete is porous. This means it can be susceptible to stains and water damage if not properly sealed. Regular maintenance, including resealing, is required to keep a concrete vanity in optimal condition. Overall, concrete can be a good choice for a bathroom vanity if you are willing to commit to its upkeep.

Concrete Bathroom Countertops

Concrete countertops are a viable option for bathrooms, offering a modern, sleek look along with durability. They are customizable in terms of color, texture, and finish, allowing for a personalized design. Like concrete vanities, these countertops are heat-resistant and relatively easy to clean. However, the drawback is that concrete countertops are porous.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity countertop vessel sink ideas estliving

Concrete Countertop with Black Metal Base

The Concrete Countertop with Black Metal Base combines industrial elements with modern design. The black metal base provides a striking contrast to the gray concrete, offering a chic and sturdy foundation.

Concrete Bathroom Vanity countertop metal legs ideas woodform_concrete

Small Floating Vanity

A Small Floating Vanity gives the illusion of more space in a bathroom, making it ideal for compact areas. The clean lines and minimalistic design focus attention on the concrete material itself.

small floating Concrete Bathroom Vanity ideas concretenation

Built-in Concrete Vanity with Wood Base

The Built-in Concrete Vanity with Wood Base marries natural elements with contemporary style. The wooden base adds warmth to the bathroom, contrasting beautifully with the cool, sleek surface of the concrete countertop.

Double Concrete Bathroom Vanity built-in Wood Base enchantedberkeley

Wall-Mounted Concrete Vanity

A Wall-Mounted Concrete Vanity provides a streamlined look, freeing up floor space for a minimalist aesthetic. This design is practical for easy cleaning and offers a sleek focal point in a modern bathroom.

Wall-Mounted Concrete Bathroom Vanity with black fixtures ideas beckmannhouse

Concrete Vanity Floating on Concrete Wall

A Concrete Vanity floating on a concrete wall design creates a monolithic, ultra-modern look. This seamless design makes a bold statement, embodying minimalism while showcasing the beauty and versatility of concrete.

Floating minimalist concrete Bathroom Vanity ideas Floating on Concrete Wall

Let us know your thoughts on these concrete bathroom vanity ideas!

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