10 Best Glam Bathroom Decor Ideas You’ll Swoon Over

The bathroom is primarily a functional room, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a relaxing oasis for yourself when you want to get away from the world without taking an expensive vacation. Yes, these glam bathrooms will help you appreciate the beauty in everyday tasks and help you enjoy your life to the fullest. There’s never a dull moment when stepping inside these lovely glamorous bathroom designs.

Glam Bathroom Decor

Where should you begin when renovating a bathroom? The first step is to define your goals. Do you want to make superficial changes to the decor or do you want to go about replacing your home’s piping and opt for a new bathroom vanity? Note your budget and estimate what each piece will cost you.

It’s also just as important to clearly define your style before beginning a bathroom renovation project. It’s clear that you appreciate glam decor, so that’s a great start.

Are you more interested in elegant interiors, metallic interiors, or feminine interiors? Once you have your aesthetic nailed down, it will be easier to select the pieces you need for your space.

When it comes to glam bathroom decor, there are lots of different directions you can take the room in. Once you have your style, goals and budget in mind, it’s time to start creating a moodboard. Our hope is that this article will help you achieve that step in your design process!

Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

A mirrored bathroom vanity is our first design idea for glam bathrooms. Mirrored furniture is a quintessential element of glamorous interior designs. This double bathroom vanity features a wood framed vanity with mirrored drawers in various sizes. The countertop is made of smooth white marble. A double sconce sits on the wall in between two rectangular mirrors.

Glam Mirrored Bathroom Vanity Decor via @ellenkavanaugh

Metallic Etagere and Bathtub

Champagne, silver, and gold are all popular metallics for furniture and decorations in glam homes. Here, a gorgeous gold etagere is used for bathroom accessory storage. There are also metallic accents throughout the space including a silver bathtub, gold floor tiles, brass drawer pulses, brass curtain rods, and a gold chandelier. You can never go wrong with metallics in a glam space like this one!

Glam Bathroom with Metallic Etagere Storage via Rachel Parcell
Rachel Parcell

Crystal Lighting

Whether you go with a pendant, sconce or a flush mount, try to incorporate some crystal lighting into your bathroom lighting set-up. The clear crystals will reflect the light from the light bulbs creating a heavenly effect in your space. Here, a crystal semi-flush mount hangs above a beautiful bright bathroom. A silver stud mirror is flanked by two brass wall sconces. The marble top bathroom vanity holds glass jars filled with bath accessories, damask bath towels, and white flowers. This is a great glam look for the space!

Glam bathroom with Crystal Lighting via randigarrettdesign
Randi Garrett Design

Marble Everywhere

Marble here, there and everywhere! From the floors to the walls to the built-in bathtub, there’s no surface that doesn’t work for a shiny marble bathroom. White carrera marble is a must-have for any glam bathroom. This luxurious material is timeless and integrates well with many homes. Here, a mirrored bathroom vanity helps make the marble appear to go even deeper throughout the room. This is one of my favorite glam bathrooms ever!


The brass fixtures, mirror, art frames and shelving really help bring out the glam in this simple, accessible bathroom. A space like this shows you really don’t need a big budget to make glam decor work for your bathroom. Even in small spaces, little touches of brass will create a wow effect!

Glam Bathroom with Brass Fixtures via @swoonworthyblog


Installing a bathtub is one of the most glamorous things you can do for your bathroom! I’m obsessed with taking baths and I feel like a princess every time I step into mine for a long hot soak. Whether you go with a freestanding tub or a built-in bath, there’s no denying that this bathroom element is ultra glam.

Here, a white bathtub was installed perpendicular to the bathroom wall, which has been covered in solid white marble. It is surrounded by two vanities and two mirrors in front of windows. A small white marble side table has a little vase of flowers on it for a pop of color.

Glam Bathroom with Bathtub for Soaking via Maria Galiani via @southernhomemag
Maria Galiani via @southernhomemag

Fresh Flowers

A simple way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom is to grab a glass jar or a mini ginger jar and cut a few pink rose stems to place inside. Creating a few mini flower arrangements will instantly add a charming look to the corner of your bathroom. This is probably the most affordable of our glam bathroom decor ideas for the home!

Glam Bathroom with Fresh Flowers via @decorgold

Gold Mirror

The mirror you choose for your bathroom will play a key role in its aesthetic. Many people are drawn to the mirror when they first step inside a bathroom. Going with a gold mirror will create a warming effect in the room. Glam bathrooms always have a touch of gold!

Signature Scent

While the visual aspects of your bathroom are very important, you shouldn’t forget that the sensory aspects are just as key to creating the right atmosphere in your bathroom. Since bathrooms can be smelly places, add a signature scent to your bathroom to keep it smelling fresh and fabulous. From incense on the toilet to a Diptyque candle on the bathroom vanity, there should be multiple ways for anyone to freshen up the scent of your bathroom when they need to.

Glam Bathroom with Incense and Diptyque Candle via Rachel Parcell
Rachel Parcell

Bold Walls

Glam interiors aren’t afraid to make bold design choices, like the black and white striped wallpaper in this bathroom. You can feel free to experiment with different types of bold wallpapers and wall designs in your bathroom to create a glamorous, daring look.

Glam Bathroom with Bold Walls via @homeandfabulous

Did you think these glam bathrooms were insta-worthy?

At the end of the day, the bathroom is a room for creating a small at-home oasis where you can get away from the hecticness of life. If you appreciate luxury and glam, there are so many options for you to get the aesthetic look you want in the washroom. It will make you feel like a princess every time you step inside the room!

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Happy curating! As always let us know your thoughts on this post in the comments below. We love hearing from you!

10 Best Glam Bathroom Decor Ideas

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