19 Stunning Shower Design Ideas to Inspire Your Bathroom Renovation

When it comes to creating a truly luxurious and relaxing bathroom oasis, the shower design often takes center stage. After all, this is the space where we start and end our days, so why not make it a true sanctuary?

From sleek, minimalist wet rooms to spa-inspired rainfall showers, the options for stunning shower designs are endless. As an interior design expert, I’ve had the pleasure of helping countless clients transform their bathrooms into personal retreats, and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite shower ideas with you.

Prepare to be inspired by a collection of visually stunning and functionally brilliant shower designs that will have you dreaming of your own bathroom renovation. Whether you’re looking to create a spa-like escape or simply want to elevate the aesthetic of your existing shower, you’re sure to find the perfect design solution to make your bathroom shine. So, let’s help you find the shower of your dreams!

Built-in Shower Bench

Shower ideas Shower Bench
Alexandra Kaehler Design

Arched Doorway with Marble Trim

Shower ideas arched doorway trim coletteinteriors

Black Shower Tile

Shower ideas black tile

Sea Blue Shower Tile + Teak Bench

Shower ideas blue subway tile teak bench

Brass Shower Enclosure

Shower ideas Brass enclosure amberinteriors

Arched Doorway with Wood Paneling

Shower ideas arched entry door wood paneling jhinteriordesign

Wall Niche for Storage

Shower ideas wall niche

Marble Floors and Walls

Shower ideas Marble floor and walls

Mid-Century Modern Design

Shower ideas mid-century modern green tile

Modern Black Shower Frame

Shower ideas Modern black frame

Painted Bathroom Wall Mural

Shower ideas Painted wall mural marble trim

Pink Marble Bathroom Shower Tile

Shower ideas pink marble tiles

Pink Striped Tile

Shower ideas pink striped tile

Sage Green Shower Color Scheme

Shower ideas Sage green

Shower with Window

Shower ideas Window inside

Freestanding Vintage Shower

Shower ideas freestanding vintage silver shower

Simple Glass Shower

Shower ideas Glass door

Hidden Shower Shed with Door

Shower ideas hidden shed with door

Pink Marble Shower

Shower ideas Pink marble wall

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful shower ideas!


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