23 French Country Bathroom Decor Ideas for Your Home

Looking for the best French country bathroom decor ideas? We’re here to help! If you love the French country decorating style, then you may be wondering how to get this look in your bathroom. These French country bathrooms will hopefully inspire you in many different ways. We are always so inspired by rooms that look like they belong in a chateau in the south of France.

You’ll be very happy to discover that getting this look in your home, no matter where you live, is actually easier than you think! You see, so many Americans have fallen in love with that charming French country style, and consequently, lots of furniture and decor accents can be found with this design. You just have to know where to look!

French Country Bathrooms

We’re going to share with you the best French country bathroom ideas we’ve found online to help guide you as you make your design decisions! From toile fabric to vintage mirrors, there are so many beautiful decorative elements you can steal for your own bathroom! Let’s take a look.

Sink with Botanical Engravings

Much of French design is inspired by vintage pieces like this gorgeous botanical sink with blue floral engravings in its basin. A brass faucet is paired with a marble top to complete this gorgeous French bathroom vanity look!

French Country Bathroom Sink with Botanical Engravings via @pktl_

Wicker Basket for Toilet Paper

The rustic, warm brown elements of this space help warm it up. Country touches like the brown wicker basket with toilet paper or the brown wood foot stool with towels give this space rural charm!

French Country Bathroom with Wicker Basket for Toilet Paper via @rarecorners

White Freestanding Tub and Brown Vintage Armoire

The freestanding bathtub or clawfoot tub is a key element of French bathrooms in a country home! Since you have more space, why not sprawl out when bathing? The antique wood armoire can hold all your bath linens. Lastly, I love the vintage commode against the wall and hexagon terra-cotta floor tiles of this space.

French Country Bathroom with White Freestanding Tub and Brown Vintage Armoire via @provencepoiriers

Gold Accents

The French love to decorate with gold. From a French gold framed mirror on the wall to beautiful gold bathroom fixtures, there are a few different ways to add gold into your space. This bathroom has a vintage gold wall sconce and a vintage wall clock for decor.

Clawfoot Tub and Black and White Checkered Tile Floors

Another classic design element of French bathrooms are their gorgeous black and white checkered flooring!

French Country Bathroom with Tub and Checkered Tile Floors via @simplyfrenchmarket

Antique Wood Bathroom Vanity

I love this American version of a French bathroom using a vintage wood table as a bathroom vanity with two basins! The creamy white antique mirror topping the piece is a great touch. Finally, two matching wall sconces illuminate this space, as do the lovey pink peonies in a white Farmhouse pitcher! The country wicker basket below holds this family’s white towels in place nicely.

French Country Bathroom with Antique Wood Vanity via @frenchcountrycottage

Double Vanity Sinks

Another vintage dresser serves as a great double sink bathroom vanity for this home.

French Country Bathroom with Double Vanity Sinks via @simplyfrenchmarket

Gold Hardware and Bathtub

So much French country to love in this bright marble bathroom! The clawfoot tub with gold feet and gold fixtures, the rustic wood bath tray, the little wooden stool, the vintage gold wall mirror, the double crystal wall sconces, the vintage wood armoire, and the light pink bathrobe – this bathroom has it ALL!

French Country Bathroom with Gold Hardware and Bathtub via @frenchcountrycottage

Wood Dresser Sink Vanity

The ruffle shower curtain really makes this bathroom ‘French.’ I think it’s a great mix of good old country design with French flair.

French Country Bathroom with Wood Dresser Sink Vanity via @simplyfrenchmarket

Long Gingham Curtains

Blue plaid/gingham curtains all the way! How country cute is this space? Love everything about it. It’s also from a REAL French country chateau – not an Americanized one!

French Country Bathroom with Gingham Curtains via @provencepoiriers

White Tub and Crystal Chandelier

So this bathroom is super minimal and cool but still very French. Instead of a gold leaning wall mirror, they went with a painted white one. Same design, different color. It works! The crystal chandelier has a silver frame instead of a gold one. If you want a more sleek and modern French bathroom with old world inspiration, then this is your design!

French Country Bathroom with White Tub and Crystal Chandelier via @white_and_faded

Vintage Gold Frames on wall

Love the gallery wall of empty vintage frames hanging on the wall of this bathroom. Antique art and an antique wall mirror finish out this space beautifully. It’s eclectic chic!

French Country Bathroom with Vintage Gold Frames on wall via SMP Julien Fernandez
SMP / Julien Fernandez

Tub and Antique Marble Side Table

Another great view of the French chateau I shared above. This view lets you see the pretty French bathroom vanity, the antique marble table and the gorgeous glass wall sconce.

French Country Bathroom with Tub and Antique Marble Side Table via @provencepoiriers

Crystal Chandelier

Americanized, but still so inspiring. This bathroom has a show-stopping large crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. A long wall mirror is installed to the side. An oversized shower is decorated with marble subway tile and aged brass fixtures. You can find antique brass shower fixtures and bathroom hardware here !

French Country Bathroom with Crystal Chandelier via @frenchcountrycottage

Antique Mirror

Another antique mirror for the win. This one looks so unique too with its wood engravings!

French Country Bathroom with Antique Mirror via @provencepoiriers

Wainscoting wall and White Linen Bath towels

The French can do Wainscoting just like the English! Those single stripe linen bath towels hanging on the wall are spot-on too.

French Country Bathroom with Wainscoting wall and White Linen Bath towels via @cat_in_france

Checkerboard Floors

Black and white strikes again. This is definitely a high-end French country bathroom, probably located in a very expensive chateau. The white Louis arm chair to the side casually holds those probably very high quality bath towels. A cute brass bath tray hangs over the tub. Dreamy!

French Country Bathroom with Checkered Floors via Karyl Pierce Paxton House Beautiful
Karyl Pierce Paxton House Beautiful

Wood Side Table and White Tub

Another white clawfoot bathtub and country wood side table. This bathroom has a pop of pink curtains which I love! They are layered in front of white sheer curtains too. A gallery wall of art hangs on the to stare at while taking a bath!

French Country Bathroom with Wood Side Table and White Tub via @airellesgordes

Ruffle Skirt Around Sink

You can’t do French country without a good old ruffle skirt somewhere in the house! This is definitely an old world style of decorating, but nevertheless can be really cute and fun.

French Country Bathroom with Ruffle Skirt Around Sink via @simplyfrenchmarket

Tub and Wood Plank

You have to have the rustic wood plank to serve as your bath caddy while bathing. Rustic elements abound in this space like the side table and wall hooks. It’s a winner.

French Country Bathroom with Tub and Wood Plank via @fadedcharmliving

Louis Portrait

When in doubt, go with LOUIS XIV! Seriously, whoever decided to hang a portrait of the famous French King Louis the Fourteenth on their wall is definitely a major fan of French culture. By the way, this picture is actually from a hotel, but you can already guess who their clients are – hint: they’re probably not French!

French Country Bathroom with Louis Portrait via @airellesgordes

Blue Striped Bath Towels

The French love their stripes on their linens! The white pitcher with flowers is a nice touch, too.

French Country Bathroom with Blue Striped Bath Towel via @fadedcharmliving

Vintage Dresser Vanity

Stick to white, am I right? ;)

Truthfully, I think all-white interiors are hard to pull off but this one does it flawlessly! I think the curves of the vintage dresser and subtle gray veins of the marble give it enough character to really make it work. Doesn’t feel like a hospital at all.

French Country Bathroom with Vintage Dresser Vanity via @somuchbetterwithage

You can never have too many mirrors. Love this collection of mirrors displayed on the floating wall shelves of this bathroom!

French Country Bathroom with White Clawfoot Tub and Gallery Wall of Mirrors

I hope this post gave you serious French country bathroom envy. It sure did for me! ;)

Just kidding. I hope it gave you serious inspiration for how to decorate your bathroom in the French country style. As always, please feel free to share your feedback with us in the comments!

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Happy curating!


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