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Florence Knoll sofa living room design 1stdibs

The Iconic Florence Knoll Sofa

Discover the iconic history and enduring design of the Florence Knoll sofa. Learn how this modernist masterpiece has become a timeless furniture staple.
Master bedroom with wood four poster canopy bed, hardwood floors, and original marble fireplace mantel via Grant Davis Thompson

7 Best Mid-Century Modern Canopy Beds

Discover timeless elegance with mid-century modern canopy beds. Explore sleek designs and sophisticated styles for a touch of vintage charm in your bedroom.
Flag Halyard Chair Hans Wegner itsstudiob

Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner

Here's a short history of the Flag Halyard Chair by Hans Wegner including where to buy the best replicas of this iconic mid-century chair!
Cesca chairs Marcel Breuer via gabriellecaunesil

Cesca Chair by Marcel Breuer

Learn about the history of the timeless Cesca chair, where to buy one, how to style it, and how to find the cheapest Cesca chair replicas!
Brown wood Mid-century Modern Dresser via Shaynah Dodge Glitter Guide

23 Best Mid-Century Modern Dressers

Discover the best mid-century modern dressers for extra storage in the bedroom. Crafted from durable wood, these dressers won't disappoint.