27 Best Mid-Century Modern Beds

Mid-Century Modern Beds via BiggerThantheThreeOfUs

We’ve rounded up the most beautiful mid-century modern beds for a retro bedroom design. If you love Mad Men and simple but practical designs, then mid-century modern decor is probably one of your favorite styles. Most mid-mod furniture is made of medium to dark finish wood. The design is often quite minimalist and functional.

Mid-Century Modern Beds

Let’s take a peek at some of the best mid-century beds you can purchase online. Each of these beds has been selected for its high quality and favorable reviews. You can be confident in purchasing one of these beds as you go about designing your bedroom.


Purchasing a bed for your home is one of the key design decisions you’ll make. Beds are often bulky and expensive so it’s normal to take your time before making a choice. Save the beds you like to a Pinterest board and revisit it from time to time. You’ll certainly have favorites as you go along, and eventually one will stand out to you. BUT, you should still wait at least a week before buying to make sure it’s really the one you want.

I love this mid-century bedroom curated by Ashley of the blog Bigger Than the Three of Us. She used a gorgeous mid-century modern bed to create a warm and cozy mid-mod interior.

This mid-century platform bed made of a dark wood is the perfect fit for this mid-mod bedroom.

Mid-Century Platform Bed Decor via Bed Threads Lucas Neighbourhood
Bed Threads / Lucas Neighbourhood

I hope this post helped you find the perfect mid-century bed for your bedroom design! Please let us know your thoughts on our picks in the comments below.

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Happy curating!



  1. I really like some of these beds, but the links aren’t taking me to active listings. They just take me to the Wayfair or Westelm home general pages.

    Can you help me find the name of a few of the beds? I particularly like the two at the bottom (not the very last two, but the two on the left at the bottom of the collage that have grey fabric.

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