10 Best Wishbone Chairs by Hans Wegner for Scandi Home Style

Wishbone chairs are a very popular addition to stylish homes around the world.

These minimalist chairs have origins in Scandinavia when in 1949, Danish designer Hans Wegner first designed this iconic chair form inspired by the Ming Dynasty chairs of China. Wegner took inspiration for the design after studying traditional Chinese Emperors’ thrones.

In 1950, furniture maker Carl Hansen began producing the chairs. The chair was originally called CH24 and is sometimes referred to as the Y-chair. The wishbone shape on the back of each chair is how this chair earned its colloquial name. It was quickly a great commercial success for Wegner.

Since its creation, this simple and functional chair has become an emblem of contemporary Nordic home design. Although the wishbone chair is a staple of modern Scandinavian home decor, the chair has now gone mainstream and can now be found in a wide variety of homes. In fact, the chair has stood the test of time and has been in continuous production since its initial release.

You can see wishbone chairs most commonly in the dining room, but they can also be easily used as desk chairs or accent chairs.

The chair comes in a variety of colors, but in order to stay true to the design, we recommend opting for a more natural color like beige or brown.

Shop for Wishbone Chairs

While the original wishbone chair will run you close to $600, all the other chair styles we selected below will not break the bank, and most come in at less than $200 each. You can find this style chair at all of the major mid-century design shops online.


In case you’re wondering how to style this classic chair, we’ve rounded up several of the most inspiring rooms featuring wishbone chairs to give you some ideas.

Here the chair is found in a Scandinavian dining room:

Natural Wishbone Chairs around White Tulip Table
The Glitter Guide
Wishbone chairs in Scandinavian dining room

A white tulip table is surrounded by neutral dining chairs by Susan Greenleaf.

Neutral wishbone chairs in dining room via The Every Girl

Breakfast nooks are an easy place for these chairs!

Natural wishbone chairs in breakfast nook via Homepolish
Pastel wishbone chairs in dining room via Hecker Guthrie
Hecker Guthrie
White wishbone chair at home office desk via Homepolish
Scandinavian wishbone chair dining room via Inside Out
Inside Out
Pastel wishbone chairs in neutral dining room via Hecker Guthrie
Hecker Guthrie
Black wishbone chairs in neutral dining room via Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson
Natural wood wishbone chairs in the dining room - 8 Best Wishbone Chairs & Replicas
Neutral dining room with wishbone chairs and beaded chandelier via Mount Royal Developments
Mount Royal Developments
Dark brown wishbone chairs dining room via Nam Dang-Mitchell Design
Nam Dang-Mitchell Design
Pastel wishbone chairs dining room via Laura Fulmine
Laura Fulmine
Neutral dining room with wishbone chairs
White tulip table with wishbone chairs via Scandinavian Love Song
Scandinavian Love Song

I hope you found this little guide to wishbone chairs useful!

Here are a few more dining room chairs you should consider:

10 Best Wishbone Chairs for Your Scandinavian Dining Room
10 Wishbone Chairs

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