25 Fabulous Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Turquoise mid-century modern sofa sectional via @melodrama

Have you noticed that mid-century modern sofas are coming back into style? I can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a beautiful, sleek mid-century couch anymore! Mid-century furniture is typically characterized by clean lines, brown wood, and rich dark colors. It’s eye-catching and exudes timeless elegance.

While it would be awesome to come across a mid-century sofa while vintage furniture shopping, for most of us, we’ll have to make do with a replica. It’s rare to come across a mid-century sofa in good condition at an antique shop, so your best bet is to choose one from a retailer.

There are a few benefits to shopping for mid-century sofas online, too. You can customize the sofa’s color and you have a wide range of prices to choose from depending on your budget.

Mid-Century Modern Sofas

Here are the three mid-century style sofas I have my eye on:

Let’s take a look at some of the other mid-century sofas I would consider:


Not a bad selection, right?

Mid-Century Sofa Inspiration

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25 Mid-century Sofas
25 Mid-century Modern Sofas

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