17 Classic Mid-Century Modern Desks

Mid-century modern desks don’t have to be sourced from an antique shop or yard sale. Nowadays, the mid-century modern decorating style has become immensely popular. Many furniture makers have started creating beautiful mid-century modern inspired designs for all types of furniture, including desks!

Mid-Century Modern Desks

Mid-century modern desks, like all mid-century modern furniture, are minimally designed with straight lines and solid finishing. It’s all about the “form follows function” mantra. Warm brown wood is the material of choice, but you can also find various unique styles for your mid-century modern desk as well.

We’ve rounded up a selection of beautiful mid-century desks for you to choose from here.


Most major mid-century modern furniture stores sell a version of this style of home office desk, so be sure to check their inventory.

Today’s mid-century modern office inspiration is provided by New Darlings, who curated a lovely home office corner with this West Elm desk!

Can’t get enough mid-century modern decor? Neither can we!


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