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Looking to renovate your bathroom? These are the top bathroom trends that interior designers love.

6 Black Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Black is a timeless trend that has shaped interior design for decades. From sleek, modern, and contemporary spaces…
Shower bench design

5 Modern Shower Bench Ideas

Whether you’re designing a sleek new open shower or updating an older tub area, adding a shower bench…

What is a Water Closet?

A water closet, commonly known as a toilet, is a sanitation fixture that is used to dispose of…
Marble bathroom vanity sink via @studiohus

11 Marble Bathroom Vanity Ideas

If you’ve ever thought about renovating your bathroom, these marble bathroom vanity ideas will inspire you. Marble is…
Bathroom Essentials via

12 Bathroom Essentials

Moving into a new space is equal parts enthusiasm and feeling overwhelmed. The excitement of decorating a new…
Pink bathroom tile ideas 2lgstudio

Pink Bathroom Tile Ideas

Pink is having a major moment in home decor right now. From millennial pink to blush to rose…