9 Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nooks

We hope you’ll be inspired by these mid-century modern breakfast nooks that are practical and well-designed. If you live in a mid-century modern home and you want to decorate your breakfast nook, then this article will give you some great ideas.

Mid-century modern decor is having a comeback and you can see lots of retro interiors on Instagram as well as our website. Let’s take a peek at some of the most inspiring mid-century breakfast nooks below.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nooks

The breakfast nook is the perfect place to enjoy your morning meal. It’s generally much smaller than a formal dining room but still has a sturdy table and seating so that a family can enjoy their coffee and toast in comfort. It’s often located very close to the kitchen so that quick meals can be served fast!

Starburst Chandelier Breakfast Nook

The starburst chandelier is a classic mid-century modern lighting fixture.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook with Starburst Chandelier via @theatomicranch

Black Geometric Wallpaper

Black geometric wallpaper really makes this room pop. The black plastic molded chairs match the space well.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook Black geometric wallpaper exactly ann arbor
exactly ann arbor

Plastic Molded Chairs

This all-white breakfast nook looks great with its mid-century modern style. The brass ceiling pendant adds some warmth to the space.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook @postandbeamliving

Tulip Dining Table

The mismatched dining chairs are a nice touch to this mid-century breakfast nook.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook via @mdezeiner

Vintage Artwork

You know it’s the breakfast room when there are eggs and bacon on the wall!

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook via @melodrama1

Vintage Booth Seating

The orange and yellow flower-patterned wallpaper in this space is so retro!

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook DD Allen
DD Allen

Dark Wood Furniture

Darker wood finishing is a signature of mid-century interior design.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook Commune Design
Commune Design

Abstract Artwork

The mid-century period is when abstract art by the likes of Mark Rothko and Jackson Pollock began to become popular.

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook Benjamin Andres Architekt
Benjamin Andres Architekt

Geometric Rug

A geometric pattern works great on the rug too!

Mid-Century Modern Breakfast Nook via @melodrama

Don’t miss anything with our breakfast nook essentials list.

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