10 Stunning Mid-Century Modern Tiles

Are you looking for mid-century modern tiles? These ideas for kitchen backsplash tiles, floor tiles, and even bathroom shower tiles will inspire you to create the mid-mod home of your dreams. 

Mid-century modern tiles are often geometric in shape and could take the form of hexagons, cubic, triangular, or pentagons. Decorative tiling in the mid-century style are often finished in a retro color like teal or mustard yellow. For grout, you could go with classic white or go bold with color.

Best Mid-Century Modern Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo tiles have been around for a long time but experienced a resurgence in popularity in the mid-20th century. Here are some details about terrazzo tiles and their history:

  • Terrazzo is a composite material made from small pieces of marble, quartz, granite, glass or other material set in a cementitious binder. The tiles are then ground and polished to create a smooth surface.
  • Terrazzo tiles originated in Italy in the 15th century. Craftsmen would make floors and pavements by setting marble chips into mortar floors.
  • Terrazzo grew in popularity in the 1920s and 1930s as a versatile and durable flooring material. It was widely used in public spaces like schools, hospitals and government buildings.
  • In the post-WWII mid-century modern era (roughly 1940s-1960s), terrazzo experienced a revival. Architects and designers embraced it for its affordability, flexibility of design, and sleek, geometric aesthetic.
  • Mid-century terrazzo was often used for flooring, walls, and counter tops. It came in vibrant colors like avocado greens, burnt oranges, and bright blues that were trendy at the time.
  • Terrazzo floors with abstract, free-form patterns were a popular mid-century style. Mosaics and terrazzo artworks also emerged.

So, while terrazzo tiles have a long history, their popularity and widespread use in residential and commercial spaces peaked in the post-war mid-20th century years and that’s why terrazzo is associated with mid-century design.

The sleek, geometric terrazzo designs became an emblem of mid-century modern style and remain closely associated with the era today.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Tile Ideas

Mid-century modern kitchens feature bold backgrounds and simple cabinets. Wood is often a prominent feature of mid-century-style kitchens in contemporary homes.

Cubic mid-century modern tile kitchen Able And Baker
Able And Baker
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas - Turquoise Fish Scale Backsplash Tile via @murphydeesign
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Backsplash Multicolored via @destinationeichler
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Blue Cubic Backsplash Tile via @destinationeichler
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Yellow-Green and Gray Cubic Backsplash Tile via @destinationeichler
Teal mid-century modern kitchen tiles ideas DDK Kitchen Design Group
DDK Kitchen Design Group
Turquoise Mid-century modern kitchen backsplash tile via Kelly Ann Photography
Kelly Ann Photography

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas

Mid-century modern bathrooms are functional and practical above fall. Beyond that, they often feature gorgeous tiling that makes a bold statement. Some of this tilework could even be considered artwork in and of itself!

Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas - Leather Brown Tile via @fireclaytile
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Blue Brick Tile via @destinationeichler
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Geometric Dark Blue and White Square Tile via @destinationeichler
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Green Bathroom Tile via @destinationeichler

This is a lovely mid-mod green bathroom design.

Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas in Bathroom with Two-toned Green Hexagon Tiles via @destinationeichler
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Red Cubic Shower Tiles via @destinationeichler
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas Turquoise and Blue Geometric Circle Tiles via @destinationeichler
Mid-Century Modern Tile Ideas with Small Pink Cubic Tile Bathroom via @destinationeichler

More Mid-Mod Decor Ideas

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