15 Mid-Century Modern Artworks for Your Mid-Century Home

From abstract paintings to geometrical sculptures, mid-century modern art has a lot to add to your home. Art from the mid-century modern period was unlike anything most people had seen before. The abstraction, simplicity and striking colors like teal and mustard yellow were a refreshing take on art for the home.

Artists like Mark Rothko with his moody ombré wall paintings and Alexander Calder with his geometrical hanging mobiles created a new wave of minimalist art. Today it’s not hard to find works reminiscent of their core principles when it came to art. The artists also influenced everything from colors to furniture design when it came to mid-century modern decor.

Mid-Century Modern Art

Here are 15 mid-century modern artworks to decorate your mid-century modern home!

Styling Art in Your Home

Don’t be afraid to go large and bold when it comes to mid-century art in your home. An abstract painting is an easy way to decorate the walls of your mid-century home, as seen in the dining room below. Stick to colors that are somewhat desaturated, according to your furniture. Unless you’re going for the brightly colored Palm Springs, vibe, of course!

Decorating your home in the mid-century modern style is becoming easier and easier as the style gains in popularity. Here are a few more articles to help you get the perfect mid-century look in your home:

15 Mid-Century Modern Artworks

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    Does anybody know if the mid century modern art painting by @browndesigngroup (the one with pink, black, terra cotta and yellow/brown pictured behind the white marble dinner table) is for sale and where to get it? Please let me know! Thanks!!

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