10 Glam Kitchen Ideas for an Elegant Space

If you are looking to redecorate your kitchen, then these glam kitchen ideas will inspire you. I love glamorous decor and interior design for its metallic surfaces, elegant forms, and feminine charm. 

Today I’m going to share ten ways to get a glam look for your kitchen. The kitchen is a place for cooking meals, preparing food, making drinks, and more. You might have an open kitchen where people are free to hang out and chat with you while you cook. The kitchen has generally become a much more social place than it was in decades past. This means your kitchen must look just as good as the rest of your home! 

I hope this post will give you a good idea of how to decorate a glamorous kitchen.

Glam Kitchen Decor

Here are the best examples of glam kitchen decor.

Gold Bar Stools

The first idea is to get some gold bar stools for your kitchen. Many glam kitchens are primarily white and that can result in a cold, hospital-like feeling of the space. Adding warm touches of gold and brass throughout the room can warm it up and make it much more welcoming!

Gold Bar Stools in Glam Kitchen via @summeradamsdesigns

Bold Dark Teal Cabinets

You can opt to make a bold statement with your kitchen cabinets if you don’t like white kitchens. This glam kitchen has dark teal cabinets which really make for a dramatic look! The kitchen island is made of a striking panda marble material.

Bold Dark Teal Cabinets in Glam Kitchen with panda marble island via @jewelmarlowe

Lacanche range

Is there anything more glamorous than having a beautiful high quality French range in your kitchen?

Silver Lacanche range in Glam Kitchen via Rachel Parcell
Rachel Parcell

Fresh flowers

An easy way to make your kitchen more glam is to have fresh flowers in a vase on the kitchen island. Peonies, roses, and cherry blossoms all make for beautiful kitchen flower decor!

Fresh flowers in Glam Kitchen via @thedecordiet

Brass Drawer Pulls

The brass cone pendant lights above this kitchen island are striking. But I really love the brass drawer pulls on each of these kitchen cabinets which warms up the tone of the room.

Brass Drawer Pulls and Cone Pendant lights Glam Kitchen Design via @the.pink.dream

Gold metal rod

I love how a gold metal rod has been installed on this marble backsplash for hanging various kitchen utensils!

Gold metal rod for hanging kitchen utensils in Glam Kitchen Ideas via @swoonworthyblog

White marble countertops

Another common element of glam kitchens are their white marble countertops! This gorgeous kitchen has a half-moon kitchen island finished in a beautiful white marble surface material.

White marble countertops, half-moon kitchen island in Glam Kitchen via @shannongolddesign

Gold wreath

I love this little glam touch of having a gold wreath hanging on the backsplash above the stove!

Gold wreath on kitchen backsplash Glam Kitchen Decor ideas via @kristywicks

Brass cage pendant lights

When it comes to glam kitchen lighting, you can’t go wrong with brass cage light pendants above your kitchen island.

Brass cage pendant lights in Glam Kitchen design ideas via @kathrynpackard

Acrylic Counter Chairs

Acrylic counter chairs make for subtle elegance inn the kitchen. These chairs can barely be seen, which allows for the kitchen design to be fully appreciated!

Acrylic Counter Chairs in Glam Kitchen via @decorgold

I hope these glam kitchen ideas inspired you as you go about designing your own glam home!

More Glam Decor Ideas

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Happy curating!

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