French Ranges: La Cornue vs Lacanche Brands, are they worth it?

French ranges are a timeless piece of luxury that adds a dose of elegance to any kitchen. I’ve often seen these beautiful French ovens and stovetops on Instagram and Pinterest but never knew why people chose them. I decided to do some digging to see if a French range should be on my kitchen design wishlist. Here are my findings!

French ranges are often associated with professional quality “chef’s ranges.” Their designs are often reminiscent of vintage stoves from old European homes. In essence, French ranges are the epitome of form and function.

This article will focus on the top two French range makers: Lacanche and La Cornue.


What to Consider Before Buying a French Range

Ready to buy one of the classic French ovens? First things first. Knowing what your needs are as a cook is extremely important. You should also have the specs of your kitchen countertops on hand to make decisions without delay.

French Ranges: Lacanche range in French blue
Lacanche range via @scottfrasierhomes @eg_interiors


Here are some things to keep in mind about French oven customization when purchasing these unique ranges:

  • There are no windows on the oven doors
  • There are a vast amount of configuration options so be sure to know your cooking needs ahead of time
  • Delivery could take up to 6 months. Plan accordingly.
  • Inquire with each company to determine if they have approved installation and repair companies available in your area. If they don’t, you might want to consider a US-made range.
  • Gas vs. Electric: These ranges are usually powered by both gas & electricity. The ovens are powered by either electricity or gas and the stove top is powered using gas.
  • Hardware finishes typically are offered in a brass / gold or chrome / silver.
  • Cleaning: Can you remove the sides of the oven in order to easily clean them?


As far as price goes, these French ranges are not cheap by any means. Here are a couple of factors that could influence the cost of your range:

  • Freight & Shipping Costs: These can add up to over $1,000
  • Color: Colors are typically considered an upgrade, and thus can incur additional fees. The good thing is that these ranges are offered in a cornucopia of color choices like soft ivory, pitch black, baby blue, mint green, blush pink, and rich Bordeaux red.
  • Burners: Additional burners will add up quickly
  • Stoves: The more stoves you want, the higher the cost
  • Installation Costs: Depending on your location, there may or not be an approved installer in your area. It’s a good idea to speak with your contractor or renovation team to see if someone has experience installing this type of range.

La Cornue

La Cornue is one of the most popular brands for French ranges in the United States. It is the first French range I noticed for its distinct design. It quickly becomes the centerpiece of the kitchen when it is installed and commands attention. Keep this in mind as you go about designing your kitchen around the La Cornue range.

French Ranges: La Cornue Black Cornufe Range via Terracotta Studio
Terracotta Studio

La Cornue History

La Cornue was founded in 1908 by Parisian herbalist and perfumer Albert Dupuy. In Paris, Dupoy developed and launched the world’s first convection oven. In those days, most ovens were hollow iron boxes that suspended racks over a fire. It reflected the attitude of the time: when most people used an oven to simply heat up their food. Dupuy was one of the first people to think about cooking as more than just a way to heat food. His proprietary method involved using a vaulted ceiling within the oven to circulate heated air around the food. He employed the city’s gas lines to power his creation, many of which had already been routed to people’s homes.

While it remained a small family-owned business for over 100 years, in 2015 La Cornue was purchased by the American residential cooking and industrial equipment company, Middleby Corporation.

How much does a La Cornue range cost?

La Cornue prices range from $8,475 to $56,000+ depending on the configuration you choose. La Cornue offers three main ranges: the Château, CornuFé and CornuChef.

The CornuFé is the most popular model in the US. The oven offers seven settings: thaw & serve, convection, convection broiling, convection assist, conventional oven, browning, and warming. The oven provides in-oven racks and trays to ensure a perfect fit when baking or cooking. They slide into place with some grooves along the wall, just like a shelf. The two separate ovens allow for multiple dishes to be cooked at the same time: for example, a turkey can cook in one oven while a side dish cooks in another. The oven is not very deep but is quite tall.

Currently, the easiest way to purchase a La Cornue range in the USA is via Williams Sonoma. La Cornue is the only brand of stove that Williams Sonoma currently carries. You can also purchase a range from La Cornue directly.


La Cornue has even launched a line of cabinets to match their popular ranges – designed in the same aesthetic as their ovens, in case you wish to build out your kitchen to match the lovely design.


Lacanche is the main competitor to La Cornue.

The main reason why I see consumers choose Lacanche oven La Cornue is due to its minimal design. La Cornue ranges have thick strips of metal and large knobs which quickly make them the focus of your kitchen. Lacanche ranges have smaller parts and a clean façade, making it easier to blend into your kitchen.

French Ranges: Blue Lacanche Range

Lacanche History

Lacanche is named after the small Burgundy village in France. Ranges, ovens, and other cooking equipment have been produced since the 19th century. Craftsmanship in metal is at the forefront of the Lacanche brand. Lacanche notes that some of the first wood and cooking stoves they produced for homes across France were the first of their type built in the country.

From chefs to home cooks, Lacanche crafts each of their ranges according to their specific order: from various models, options, and finishes. In recognition of their expertise, Lacanche has been awarded a heritage honor by the French government’s Economy and Industry Ministry – demonstrating their national renown in manufacturing excellence.

Lacanche Ranges

Lacanche offers a “Classic” line and a “Modern” line. As the names would imply, the Classic line offers a vintage look and rustic appeal, while the “Modern” line is more minimal and modernized in appearance. At first glance, it appears the Modern line has a long block of stainless steel behind the knobs.

Each of the 12 models is offered in the “Classic” version or the “Modern version: Cormatin, Rully, Beaune, Bussy, Cluny, Chagny, Volnay, Vougeot, Chambertin, Chassagne, Savigny, and Saulieu. The models range from 27 9/16″ to 43 ½”.

Lacanche sells three oven types: Electric, Electric Fan Convection, and Gas (you can choose between propane or natural gas). Gas cooking keeps the air moist allowing the flavors to blend, and meats to cook well without drying. Electric ovens result in dry heat and are best for baking and pastries. For this reason, many consumers opt for one gas oven and one electric oven.

When it comes to the cooktops or burners, gas has been the preferred method of heating by both professionals and stay-at-home moms for as long as I can remember! Gas allows you to control the heat precisely. Lacanche burners are created using two removable parts: the base of the burner is aluminum, while the burner cap is made of brass. You can remove both in order to clean them.

Are French Ranges Worth it?

Honestly, I’m undecided here. I’ve read a few too many reviews of these ranges being shown to cook unevenly or take multiple attempts to light a burner on the stovetop. It seems to me at this price, the ranges should work flawlessly and there should be nothing but glowing reviews of them!

That being said, there is no question about the physical appearance of these ranges. Many people describe them as the most beautiful range they’ve laid eyes on. Instagram can certainly confirm that they are aesthetically pleasing.

All in all, I think the lack of support for US-based consumers and the dismal reviews of the functionality are hard to ignore. If you have the budget to keep up with potentially expensive maintenance and you love the look of the range, then I’d say go for it!




  1. Bonjour! Merci for the Lacanche love, and please do let us know if we can answer any questions for you, large or small :). Happy cooking !

    Lacanche US

    1. I have been trying for 2 weeks to get info bout how to purchase. I was told that I would get a brochure & a return phone call. Scary to think of I can’t get a sales call back to think of a maintenance issue

      1. We have done a few jobs with a fabulous French Range brand called L’Atelier Paris Haute Design and they have a full line of custom ranges made to your specs as well as cabinets and etc. Very well built with great quality and value and customer service. Check it out.

        1. I agree, Marty, and I have also heard many good things about L’Atelier de Paris Haute Design. In fact, they even allow you to custom configure a range, selecting everything from colors, finishes, and even custom-sizing.

  2. This article is somewhat informative and well organized. I think it’s interesting though that you think the easiest way to purchase these ranges is from William Sonoma when you have never purchased any of them. As far as reviews, they are mixed for ANY range you purchase. These companies aren’t around for so many years if their consumers are having significantly negative experiences. I have as a designer and dealer recommended or sold many of these ranges over 30 plus years without a single call for service. I also represent American brands and my experience is the same. Very few people, relatively speaking, have issues with range purchases in general.

  3. Thank you for this thorough and honest review of French ranges. I LOVE the look of these but I am an avid cook and have 5 children. I think realistically these are not the best option. I need a workhorse and the wolf I have is just that and still looks nice. We are looking to move and renovate a kitchen and will keep the wolf as our go to range and cooktop!

      1. I agree. I am not a good cook at all. My Lacanche range does not judge me and literally everything I take out of the oven tastes as good as it looks. I have no issues with no windows. The heating is even. There are no motors and computers to break. I just cannot say enough about this appliance.

        1. Lacanche is absolutely a workhorse. I also cannot imagine having another stove.

          However, an issue with this article – the “multiple attempts to light”. These ranges are built to European Union standards of safety, which means they have a thermocouple safety device which will not allow gas to flow unless the thermocouple is hot. That takes a few seconds and sometimes people release too early. It’s not a flaw at all but a required EU safety standard built into the design. Once you get used to it, it’s not a big deal at all.

          I adore mine.

  4. I would be interested to hear comments from people who have purchased a Hallman range, which looks somewhat like a Lacanche or La Cornue. It has been described as an Italian range, and I have had problems with two Italian ranges.

    1. I, too, would like to know about the Hallman range from owners. I have seen only one Instagram post about this brand

      1. My cousin has a Hallman and has had the WORST experience going on years now. They can’t get service because there are no authorized providers (in southern CA, mind you) and Hallman is dismissing them because whoever installed it was not “authorized”, despite being the co it was purchased from – and again, no authorized Hallman servicers or installers around. They won’t even sell it for staging a house because they fear someone else will unwittingly get stuck with their pretty but useless hunk of junk. Total nightmare experience where you first think “it can’t be that bad, there has to be some miscommunication…” only to realize it IS that bad and the company does not care one iota. I’m doing a big remodel now and Hallman… you couldn’t pay me to chance owning one. I know your comments are old, but hopefully someone in the future will find this info helpful.

      2. I think paris hilton has one of these hallman ranges on her new netflix show and one of the knobs fell off as she went to use it lol

    2. May I ask which 2 Italian ranges you were referring to ?
      I am considering Officine Gullo, hope this is not one you had bad experience with.

      1. Hi CY, I hope you’re well?
        Have you considered DeManincor domestic range for your kitchen? Our heritage dates back to 1828 and we provide both commercial and domestic oven ranges. Each one bespoke and handmade to order. Over 55 Michelin restaurants use our equipment in Europe. Please feel free to get in touch for more details.
        Best wishes, Phil

  5. I have owned a Lacanche range since 2004. After one year, the electronic igniter stopped working. I couldn’t find, at that time, anyone in NJ to repair it, so I just used matches for a couple of years. I finally found someone to service the stove, and except for that one time, I have never had ANY repairs. These are essentially basic and simple stoves. No trouble with installation by either plumbers for the gas or the electrician. Tremendous and beautiful pieces of equipment.

    1. Hi Veda, Im from NJ as well. We are renovating our kitchen and leaning towards Lacanche. I need firsthand experience review and suggestions esp the shipping. If you don’t mind emailing me and can give me insights on your experience. Thanks!

      [email protected]

      1. Dear Maria,
        I just noticed this, 6 months later and am ashamed that I didn’t respond! By now you probably have made your kitchen renovations, but in case you still are interested in knowing more about the range, feel free to email me at [email protected]

        Hope you’re well!

  6. I have owned a Lacanche range since 2013 and love it. Occasionally a burner initially refuses to light, but usually I can get it going without a match, and the next time it works perfectly again. I am currently unable to get the gas oven going but have not yet done any troubleshooting. Lacanche has an extensive series of videos on its website to guide you through everything from installation to correcting problems. The stove is built like a tank, so problems are infrequent. When mine was installed, the owner of Art Culinaire, which is the U.S. distributor, drove up from New York City with his son to my house to check on some scratches I had reported. They made sure the burners were working properly and jerryrigged one of the oven racks so that I could fit my favorite large baking pan into the oven. For function and beauty, I couldn’t have found anything better than my Lacanche.

  7. I have a La Cornue Chateau range that I acquired in the purchase of a home. The stove wasn’t well maintained and I am looking to have it fixed and maintained. I am being told that there are no replacement parts available. This can’t be true as, given the cost of these ranges, they should last a lifetime, right?

    1. I’m curious how old your oven is and what parts have failed? Have you received any replacement parts yet? What has your experience been with the oven? Does it hold a consistent temperature? I’m debating between Wolf and LaCornue.

  8. The company that I work for is an authorized LaCornue service center. If parts are not available locally, then they will have to be either shipped from France if in stock, or made then shipped from France. This can take months but it can be done. Contact LaCornue directly either here in the states or in France. They will ask you for pictures of the range and a picture of the service tag.

    1. We are restoring a French Tudor home built in 1907 and are torn between the 48” Wolf and LaCornue. The French oven is undeniably beautiful but I’m concerned about customer service and quality. Can you please comment? Do you have a recommended LaCornue vendor in Kentucky other than William Sonoma?

  9. I have a La Cornue Chateau 120. I love it. Every time I turn on the brass ignition for the stove top, there is a sense of pleasure and luxury. It’s the difference between a Mercedes and a Toyota to compare it to a Wolf. I took the model with 1 gas oven and 1 electric and the French plate in the middle. Couldn’t be happier.

      1. I agree, Dennis. The Wolf certainly shouldn’t be compared as a Toyota option. I had the Wolf at my last house and in this house, I have the La Cornue! I really miss that Wolf oven/stove. I will not sugarcoat it, I HATE my La Cornue. It looks beautiful and designwise is very pleasing. The left side of the oven hasn’t worked properly from the very start, so much so that the appliance store replaced the whole oven. They had to service it again even after that. It takes forever for the left side to preheat. The cleaning process is a nightmare. Who wants to clean such a labor intensive clean-up with a simple sponge and a little dish soap. The instructions mention you cannot use tinfoil. For me, this has too many dos and don’ts.

  10. Hi,

    I saw a shop in London about two years selling Italian ranges which were extremely high-end but have not seen them compared with La Cornu ranges in articles online ( – website for these Italian ranges ). I have a Lacanche Cluny myself and love it but it is certainly not a quarter as expensive as the two brands mentioned above!!!

    1. I have these Officine Gullo products in my house including a range and I can’t tell you how disappointing it is. it constantly fails to work and their customer service is the worse,. No one calls you back or cares to try to help. Very Very Very expensive and yet a terrible product.

      1. Hi Kathy, are you able to share a little bit more of your experience ?
        I am considering their pro range. Can’t seem to find much info or reviews. Plus they don’t have any representative in Australia.

  11. Hi,
    I looking for someone who owns a rully LaCanche range.
    I’m planning to purchase one for my kitchen remodel …
    My question is about the small upper oven… do you like it?
    And is the smaller size of the large lower oven adequate?

  12. I want to place an order from Belize Do you accept credit card for payment? and freight forwarder for pick up an shipment to Belize

  13. I want to place an order from (Holdgoods ventures inc) Do you accept credit card for payment? and freight forwarder for pick up an shipment to Iceland.

    1. I originally fell in love with the La Cornue, but I am now considering an Ilve or a La Canche. I would love to know what made you decide to go with the La Canche and if you are happy with it.

  14. We are starting the design process on a total kitchen renovation and are considering our options. Has anyone compared these French ranges with Miele ovens and cooktops?

  15. As a 16 year La Cornue dealer, i must say, 100% satisfaction from Bella Cucina’s buyers on both the CornuFé and Chatesu. And we service the whole US.
    Buying from independent owner managed appliance dealers with long time relationships with La Cornue is your best places to buy them. We offer concierge personal service to each buyer and designer who buy from us. La Cornue is very picky on who gets their prestige dealerships.

  16. We have had our La Cornue for ten years and it is used every day. It has never failed to fire up and we love the side-hinged ovens. While windows in the doors would be handy the range looks perfect and the only “service” required in those ten years has been the replacement of the interior light bulbs in the ovens.

  17. I ordered a La Cornue from Williams Sonoma, the ordering process was very simple. My contractor installed it 4 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. It’s definitely a workhorse and absolutely gorgeous. I got the matching hood which is equally gorgeous. Everything I cook/bake comes out perfect. I own a restaurant and have commercial ranges…my La Cornue cooks more evenly and more reliably than the commercial ranges.

  18. I bought two La Canche ranges, and I absolutely adore them. I noticed the dimensions that are available were not correctly mentioned in the article. I have a 60 inch 5 burner with grill and smaller one with five burner . I have one gas oven, one convection oven with several levels for multiple trays of cookies or breads, a large electric oven for the main course, two smaller electric ovens and a huge warming cabinet. I have cooked an entire Thanksgiving dinner and had plenty of room to store and keep warm my side dishes. My ovens are beautiful. I’ve had them for over five years and I’ve had no trouble. The lady who sold them to me here in the US said if I ever had an issue to give them a call and they would send someone to promptly take care of servicing the range. My beautiful yellow and terra-cotta ranges are the hallmark of my kitchen. I will never own another kind, ever.

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