15 Glam Dining Rooms You Must See

These glam dining rooms will surely spark your creativity if you love glamorous decor and design. There are a few characteristics of glam decor that will always stand out to me.

Glamorous design is known for its use of metallic, shiny surfaces, velvet fabric and bold colors. It’s a design aesthetic that is reminiscent of the golden age of old Hollywood. The dining room is the perfect place for a glam look as your shiny silverware will fit right in!

Here are a few glam decorations we recommend:


Glam Dining Room Decor Ideas

So what does a glam dining room look like? Here you’ll find lots of metallic accents, gold frame furniture, and velvet upholstered dining chairs to name a few ideas. Beyond that, you’ll find rooms decorated in black and gold or simple glass glam dining room tables that keep the room chic. The possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to glam dining room decor ideas! Let’s help you get decorating today.

Teal Velvet Dining Chairs

How beautiful are these teal velvet chairs with gold metal framing? The black and white rug and tropical wallpaper make for a boldly designed room!

Glam Dining Room with Teal Velvet Dining Chairs via @jewelmarlowe

Chrome Silver Accents

You can go wrong with chrome or silver accents when it comes to a glam room.

Glam Dining Room with Chrome Silver Accents via @thechromeinterior

Gold Starburst Chandelier

Starburst chandeliers are a beautiful mid-century lighting fixture that adds glam to any space.

Glam Dining Room with Gold Starburst Chandelier via @homeandfabulous

Pink Velvet Dining Chairs

Pink velvet is a fabric that can give a feminine touch to a glam space.

Glam Dining Room with Pink Velvet Dining Chairs via One Point Six
One Point Six

Mirrored Side Cabinet

Mirrored furniture is always a plus!

Glam Dining Room with Mirrored Side Cabinet via @kathrynpackard

Gold Table Setting

Glam Dining Room with Gold Table Setting via @thedecordiet

Mirrored Dining Table

Glam Dining Room with Mirrored Dining Table via @saltgrassdecor

Pink Wingback Head Chairs

Glam Dining Room with Pink Wingback Head Chairs via @decorgold

Black and Gold Decor

Black and gold are a classic glam match.

Glam Dining Room with Black and Gold Decor via @interiorbyvanessa

Gray French Chairs

Glam Dining Room with Gray French Chairs via @saltgrassdecor

White Furniture and Soft Gold Accents

Pink Fringe Chandelier

A unique lighting fixture can give character to your dining room!

Glam Dining Room with Pink Fringe Chandelier via @swoonworthyblog

Oversized Gold Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors help to open up the space.

Glam Dining Room with Oversized Gold Wall Mirror via Shophouse Design
Shophouse Design

Pink Velvet Dining Chairs

Glam Dining Room with Pink Velvet Dining Chairs via Jo Hamilton UK
Jo Hamilton UK

More Glam Decor Ideas

I hope this post inspired you! Looking for even more glamorous decorating ideas for the home? Don’t miss our other articles on glam decorating below. We’ve got room decor guides, furniture guides and specific decoration guides!

Happy curating!

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