Panda White Marble Interior Design Ideas

I came across a beautiful bathroom design in a 2018 issue of House Beautiful, where a gorgeous black and white countertop caught my eye. Upon reading the article, I discovered the bathroom was made of a stone called Panda White Marble. I’d never heard of it before but its beauty stuck out to me. What makes panda white marble different from typical white marble is that the black lines are much thicker and more pronounced, giving the surface a very dramatic and contrasting look.

Here are two shots from the magazine:

Panda white marble bathrooom sink counter with brass faucet by Suzann Kletzien
Panda white marble in Suzann Kletzien designed bathroom
House Beautiful / Suzann Kletzien

The bathroom was designed by Suzann Kletzien, based in Chicago and you can read the full story on House Beautiful.

I started digging around Pinterest for more panda white marble ideas but unfortunately, there are not so many out there! I wonder if this stone just hasn’t taken off in popularity yet.

Either way, keep an eye on this stone – I can certainly see it going big!

Here are some of the ideas I did find:

Panda white marble bathroom with white door
Panda white marble bathroom with tub
Panda white marble kitchen counter
panda white marble wall in shower with grey stone tiles

Panda White Marble Detail

Panda White Marble Detail

To be honest, I think panda white marble may be a little too bold for a full wall or complete floor, however, I absolutely love the look of it on Suzann Kletzien’s bathroom for House Beautiful.

What do you think of panda white marble?


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  1. Love this! Reminds me of agate which I equally love. The bathroom looks great but too much for my personal taste. I would of probably gone for a black or white laquered floor and a black sink instead. Thanks for sharing!

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