Capture the essence of idyllic Mediterranean living in your home with our tips for decorating and furnishing with breezy seaside style. Browse this category for ideas to infuse relaxed old-world charm.

Get inspiration from Southern European and North African decor, like the vivid colors and patterns of Spain, Greece, and Morocco. Learn how to weave in carved woods, terra cotta tiles, wrought iron, and more for Mediterranean flair.

See how elements like stone surfaces, groin vaults, and mosaics can help cultivate an inviting Old World aesthetic. Our articles feature ways to arrange furnishings and display sun-washed ceramics and textiles for a taste of the Mediterranean.

Whether you love Italian villas or Moroccan riads, our Mediterranean decorating guidance makes it easy to fashion sensual, welcoming interiors. Discover ways to highlight exotic global details through curated furnishings, finishes, and accents.