A Traditional Coastal Style Decorating Guide

Evoking the serene, sun-kissed beauty of seaside living, the traditional coastal decorating style is a timeless design aesthetic that brings the tranquility of the shore into the comfort of the home. Characterized by a soothing color palette of soft blues, calming grays, and crisp whites, this style celebrates the natural elements of the coast through the use of natural materials, nautical accents, and breezy, relaxed furnishings.

Whether you live by the ocean or simply dream of coastal living, this comprehensive style guide will provide you with all the inspiration and tips you need to effortlessly capture the essence of the shore in your own living spaces. Get ready to design the calming, rejuvenating aesthetic of traditional coastal decor.

Here are some ways to blend traditional interior design with a coastal theme in a New England or classic Americana home:

Traditional coastal writing desk decor slcinteriors

Traditional Coastal Dining Rooms

Incorporate classic furniture silhouettes: Choose timeless pieces like rolled-arm sofas, wingback chairs, and tufted ottomans, but opt for lighter, more casual fabrics like linen, cotton, and jute to maintain the coastal vibe.

Use a neutral color palette: Stick to a soothing color scheme of whites, blues, and sandy neutrals as the foundation, then layer in pops of coastal colors like seafoam green, coral, and sky blue.

Traditional Coastal Dining Interior Design ashleygilbreathinteriordesign

Mix natural materials: Combine traditional wood furnishings with natural woven accents like rattan, seagrass, and bamboo to design and balance the space.

Traditional Coastal dining room design decor kendalldennisinteriors
Traditional coastal dining room design digsdesignco

Play with textures: Balance smooth, polished surfaces with nubby, weathered textures through fabrics, rugs, and decorative accents to create visual depth.

Traditional coastal dining room slcinteriors

Traditional Coastal Entryway

Incorporate nautical accessories: Accessorize with coastal-inspired elements like rope, driftwood, seashells, and vintage maritime decor to tie the traditional and coastal styles together.

Traditional Coastal decor John Fondas
John Fondas
Traditional Coastal entryway cape cod oldsilvershed
Traditional coastal entryway interior design @mcnellinteriors
traditional Coastal home decor ashstinteriors

Traditional Coastal Kitchen

Maintain an airy, open layout: Avoid heavy, bulky furniture that can make the space feel closed off. Opt for lighter, airier pieces to preserve the breezy, relaxed coastal vibe.

Traditional coastal kitchen decor annalouisewolfe
Traditional coastal kitchen heatherchadduck

Traditional Coastal Living Room

Add architectural details: Incorporate traditional moldings, beadboard, and shiplap to infuse the space with classic, timeless character that complements the coastal aesthetic.

Traditional coastal living room Digs Design Company
Digs Design Company
Traditional Coastal living room interior @hiltoninteriors
Traditional coastal living room laurenleonardinteriors

Traditional Coastal Bedroom

Traditional coastal bedroom design laurenleonardinteriors

Find a harmonious balance between the traditional and coastal elements and create a cohesive, welcoming living space.


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