10 Inspiring Parisian Kitchen Design & Decor Ideas

If you are looking for Parisian kitchens for inspiration as you go about renovating your own kitchen, then you are in the right place. We are so inspired by Parisian decor ideas and style, that we decided to publish multiple articles on how to get that coveted Parisian apartment decor look in every room of your home! Welcome to the Parisian kitchen edition.

Parisian Kitchens

Parisian style kitchens are modern with classic design elements. You might see modern cabinetry paired with vintage floor tiles. Older artworks might be rested on recently done countertops. Parisian decor is all about mixing the old world classic style with modern creature comforts. The popular French range makers Lacanche are present in many of these kitchens, too! Let’s take a peek at some quintessential Parisian kitchens in hopes of inspiring you as you go about decorating your own kitchen!

Checkered Floors

Parisian Kitchen with Checkered floors via CoteMaison DPLG Suzanne Tanascaux
Cote Maison DPLG Suzanne Tanascaux

Cream Lacanche Range

Parisian Kitchen with Cream Lacanche Range via A + B Kasha
A + B Kasha

Practical Design in an Awkward Space

Parisians know how to make the most of an awkwardly shaped space with practical design choices!

Parisian kitchen with Practical Design in an Awkward Space via Charlotte Fequet CoteMaison
Charlotte Fequet Cote Maison

Black and White Checkered Floors

Parisian kitchen with Black and White Checkered Floors via Havenin Saint Honore
Havenin Saint Honore

Marble Bistro Side Tables

You may not be in Paris right now, but why not pretend you are by eating at a cute marble bistro side table like this one?

Parisian Kitchen with Marble Bistro Side Table via Cup of Jo
Cup of Jo

Copper Pots

Vintage copper cooking pots that have been passed down through the family are often found hanging around in Parisians’ kitchens. These beautiful cookware pieces are stunning to look at, while bringing more warmth to the room than cold stainless steel – something you definitely need to bare those long, cold, Parisian winters.

Parisian kitchen with Copper Pots via A+B Kasha
A+B Kasha

Marble Backsplash

White marble backsplash is always a chic design choice.

Parisian kitchen with Marble Backsplash via @aptlafayetteparis

Dining Table as Kitchen Island

Parisians love putting a little breakfast nook in the middle of their kitchens in lieu of a kitchen island! There is a scene in one of my favorite French films, The Dreamers, that takes place around a casual dining table sitting in the middle of the kitchen.

Parisian Kitchen with Dining Table as Kitchen Island by abkasha
A+B Kasha

Antique Artwork

Parisian kitchen with Antique Artwork via Hello-hello Zoe de Las Cases
Hello-hello / Zoe de Las Cases

Simple Curtains below the Counter

Your Parisian kitchen doesn’t have to be fancy! It just needs to show off your personality.

Simple Parisian Kitchen Design with Curtains below Counter via Instagram

Parisian Decor Ideas

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Happy curating!


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