11 Gorgeous Neutral Bedrooms with Contemporary Design

Neutral bedroom decor is becoming more and more popular as people seek to create a calming, earthy aesthetic in their homes. Instead of bright colors and complicated designs, neutral decorating is all about creating a simple functional interior using brown, beige, and cream tones. I personally love neutral decor and I have different shades of beige in my bedroom. The design doesn’t have to be boring, as you can play around with different patterns and textures to create an interesting interior design.

Neutral Bedrooms

When it comes to the bedroom, having the key furniture pieces is the first design choice to make. You’ll need a bed at minimum, and probably a dresser, closet, nightstand, lighting source, and maybe even a makeup vanity. Beyond the furniture, you’ll need to consider what wall decorations and decorative accents you want to put in the room to really make it your own. 

I’ll share some of my favorite neutral bedrooms in this article! Let’s get started. 

Black Iron Canopy Bed

This neutral bedroom does a great job of playing with contrast – the black iron canopy bed immediately catches our eye, but it’s against creamy white walls which tone the drama down. Two matching wood nightstands on either side of the bed balance out the space. This room also plays with symmetry by placing two matching wicker cubic stools at the foot of the bed.

Black Iron Canopy Bed in Neutral Bedroom via @whittneyparkinson

White Accent Chair

This white accent chair next to a side table creates a cozy reading nook in the bedroom of this contemporary neutral bedroom design.

White Accent Chair in Neutral Bedroom via @alyssakapitointeriors

Chunky Knit Blanket

A chunky knit blanket in a creamy white color is the perfect bed accessory for this neutral bedroom.

Chunky Knit Blanket in Neutral Bedroom via @houseofjadeinteriors

Cane Bed

Cane beds are great for neutral interior design. This one sits on a muted blue vintage rug against a white wall. Check out these cane nightstands, too.

Cane Bed in Neutral Bedroom via Amanda Barnes Interiors
Amanda Barnes Interiors

Beige Channeled Headboard

The beige channeled headboard of this room really steals the show. The wall sconce with two heads also stands out against the gray painted walls.

Beige Channeled Headboard Neutral Bedroom via @emmamelins

Crisp White Bedding

Crisp white bedding is a great choice for a neutral bedroom. The sheets will reflect the natural light coming in from the windows.

Crisp White Bedding in Neutral Bedroom via @thegirlonwaverley

Beaded Chandelier

Beaded chandeliers are often found in neutral tone homes.

Beaded Chandelier in Neutral Bedroom via @lifeoncedarlane

Beige and White Striped Rug

The interesting floor rug of this neutral bedroom catches the eye.

Beige and White Striped Rug Neutral Bedroom via Studio McGee
Studio McGee

Whitewashed Wood Nightstand

This whitewashed wood nightstand gives this bedroom a neutral coastal look.

Whitewashed wood Nightstand in Neutral Bedroom via Ursino Interiors

Grayish Blue Tufted Bed

Grayish blue is a popular accent color for neutral bedrooms. It’s a color that is in between gray and blue. It’s almost like a faded gray or muted blue.

Grayish Blue Tufted Bed in Neutral Bedroom via @carcabaroad

Brown Wall Sconce

This brown leather wall sconce makes for an interesting lighting fixture for the bedroom.

Brown Wall Sconce in Neutral Bedroom

I hope these modern neutral bedroom ideas inspired you as you redecorate your own bedroom! You can definitely play around with layers and textures to create a beautiful neutral space that is far from boring.

More Neutral Decor Ideas

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