How to Do Neutral Home Decorating that is Far from Boring

Neutral decor and primarily beige-based interior design has become incredibly popular over the years. Beige is one of my favorite colors because it’s so calming and, well, neutral! It doesn’t scream for attention and it fits in with most pieces of furniture and decorative accents.

Neutral decor - @lindseybrookedesign

What is Considered Neutral?

Neutral colors are colors that are not typically found on the color wheel. Colors like beige, ivory, cream, off-white, caramel, brown, white, gray, and black are generally considered to be “neutral” though, for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on my favorite: beige and white!

Neutral home decor ideas withsarale

Neutral Decor Ideas

Pretty much every piece of furniture you need for your home can be purchased in neutral colors. It’s just a matter of finding the right style and form. Personally, I love neutral furniture in a really basic, mid-century, minimalist form. It helps create a pleasant, relaxed, and casual yet chic atmosphere in a home.

Neutral decor - Rattan furniture via @villastyling

Because neutral colors can easily blend in, it’s important to consider texture and patterns when picking out your neutral decor accents. This is the key to ensuring that neutral decor isn’t boring or uninteresting! Secondly, you want to use many different neutral shades. You could have white, beige, and dark brown in one room to make sure there is a lot of contrast between pieces.

Neutral Living Room Design

Neutral Living Room via @sedselroug

Neutral Dining Room Design

This dining room has a neutral dining room table, wishbone chairs, and a mid-century modern lighting fixture.

Neutral Dining Room via @daves_home

Neutral Kitchen Design

Neutral Kitchen

Neutral Bedroom Design

Neutral Bedroom Textured Linens via interiorbygini

Neutral Bathroom Design

Neutral Bathroom decor meganmolten

Neutral Furniture

Neutral furniture is often made of wood and features a beige finish. Here are some examples of beautiful neutral furniture like rustic wood stools, dark wood coffee tables, rattan tables, and cane storage cabinets.

Here are a few articles about the neutral furniture pieces I love.

Neutral Decorations

Here are a few neutral decorations we particularly love.

  • Seagrass Baskets
  • Macramé Wall Decor
  • Jute Rugs
  • Turned Wood Table Lamps
Neutral decor - textured furniture via @villastyling

Neutral Lighting

Neutral lighting will add a casual feeling to your home while illuminating the room.

Check out some guides to neutral lighting fixtures on our site!

Neutral decor - throw pillows @lizmariegalvan

More Neutral Decorating Tips

We love neutral decor here at Curated Interior. Don’t miss some of our popular neutral furniture and decor articles!

Neutral Decor that isn't boring
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