15 Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

These mid-century modern fireplaces will give you so much inspiration as you create a cozy home for sitting around the fire.

Having a fireplace in your home is truly a wonderful thing. If you live in a colder climate, having a warm fireplace can be a godsend! Even if you don’t actually light it, fireplaces are great for decorating and adding an eye-catching element to a living room.

Mid-century modern decor is certainly making a comeback in the design world. More and more people are attracted to the simple yet functional designs of the mid-century era.

Mid-Century Modern Fireplaces

Mid-century modern homes often feature a variety of different fireplaces. Many homes feature a traditional masonry fireplace, typically made of concrete, brick, or stone. These fireplaces often feature large, bold designs and are often the centerpiece of the living room.

Another popular type of fireplace found in mid-century modern homes is the free-standing, metal fireplace. These fireplaces are often made of steel or iron and feature a sleek, modern design.

Other mid-century modern homes may feature built-in electric fireplaces, which are designed to look like traditional wood-burning fireplaces. These electric fireplaces are often efficient and easy to use and can provide a convenient source of heat in a living space.

Today I want to share some of the most inspiring mid-century modern fireplaces I’ve seen online. Many of these fireplaces also come in a variety of colors, allowing them to blend in with any home decor. From built-in brick fireplaces to retro freestanding gas fireplaces, there is a mid-mod fireplace idea for everyone!

Stacked Stone Mid-Century Modern Fireplace via Haven Design and Construction
Haven Design and Construction
Mid-Century Modern Fireplaces via Tindall Architecture Workshop
Tindall Architecture Workshop
Mid-Century Modern Fireplaces via Corbin Reeves Construction
Corbin Reeves Construction
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace via Darren Patt Construction
Darren Patt Construction
Mid-century modern fireplace Studio Schicketanz
Studio Schicketanz
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Mantel via @theretrobeehive
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Mantel Decor via @postandbeamliving
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Ideas via thejennyjames
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Ideas via @midmodsacramento
Mid-century Modern Fireplace ideas Malm fireplace via HomeClick Houzz
HomeClick Houzz
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Ideas Cone Fireplace via @thejennyjames
Mid-century Modern fireplace design via Lindye Galloway
Rue mag / Lindye Galloway
Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Decor via @theatomicranch
Mid-century modern brick fireplace design by Risa Boyer Architecture
Risa Boyer Architecture
Gas Fireplace Mid-Century Modern Fireplace via An Interior Motive Designs LLC
An Interior Motive Designs LLC

As you can see, the living room is the most common place to install an MCM fireplace in the home, but occasionally you can see one in the dining room or bedroom. Wherever you choose to install a retro fireplace, be sure it’s somewhere that everyone can enjoy the warmth it provides!

More Mid-Century Decorating Ideas

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  1. I love the brightly colored chimneys on display. My new house has a chimney that needs to be cleaned. I’ll have to consider getting a fireplace crew to do the cleaning for me.

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