20 Fabulous Mid-Century Modern Rugs

Mid-Century Modern Rugs via Habitus

Mid-century modern rugs are popular in many homes, even if you aren’t trying to channel those classic, vintage vibes. You see, mid-century modern decor is modern enough that it can fit in well with many different decorating styles. If you like simplicity and geometric design, then a mid-century style rug may be the perfect choice for your home.

Rugs help add character to a room, absorb noise, and soften our step as we walk through the space. Picking the right rug is essential to curating a comfortable and stylish space. They can be statement pieces or subtle decorative accents. It’s good to know whether you want your rug to pop or not before purchasing one!

Mid-Century Modern Rugs

What does a mid-century style rug look like? Well, for starters, mid-century modern design is all about color and geometric motifs.

So many of the mid-mod style rugs you will see online will be decorated with rectangles, ovals, circles, and more. The patterns are often large and not too detailed. There is an element of minimalism associated with mid-century design, too. Some of the designs are even reminiscent of abstract paintings!

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite mid-century rug designs. Hopefully one of them will spark the Mad Men interior designer within you!


Here are a few mid-century style rugs in living rooms to inspire you!

Mid-Century Modern Decorating Ideas

I hope this post helped you find the perfect mid-century modern rug for your home! I hope the images we selected gave you some rug decorating ideas, too. Mid-mod style is classic and refined, and we’ve written lots about it! To continue reading our mid-mod decor guides, we recommend the following articles:

Happy curating!



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