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Picking out the right bed for your bedroom can be a challenge. Since the bed is where we spend one-third of our days, it’s imperative to pick the right one! We’ve got you covered with our favorite beds according to your style. Don’t miss our bed buying guide as you reflect.

What are canopy beds kensoninteriorsco

What are Canopy Beds Exactly?

Canopy beds are decorative, ornate beds featuring tall posts extending high above the mattress and overhead fabrics that drape down to enclose the sleeping space.
Master bedroom with wood four poster canopy bed, hardwood floors, and original marble fireplace mantel via Grant Davis Thompson

7 Best Mid-Century Modern Canopy Beds

Discover timeless elegance with mid-century modern canopy beds. Explore sleek designs and sophisticated styles for a touch of vintage charm in your bedroom.
Coastal Canopy Beds meganmolten

15 Best Coastal Canopy Beds

These coastal canopy beds are ideal for master bedrooms in beach homes. Add some sheer white curtains for the perfect modern coastal look.
Canopy bed curtain ideas elledecor

3 Beautiful Canopy Bed Curtain Ideas

Explore gorgeous canopy bed curtain ideas to create a luxurious bedroom retreat. Find inspiration for fabric choices, styles, and arrangements to frame your canopy bed.