19 Charming French Country Mirrors

Have you ever dreamed of living in a French country home?

France is known for its use of mirrors and the famous Palace of Versailles has a beautiful gallery called the “Hall of Mirrors” which many visitors passed through during their visits to the chateau.

You may not get to live in the countryside of France, but you can get the French provincial look in your home with a few decorative accents. We’ve rounded up a selection of french country mirrors to give your home that French farmhouse charm you crave.

French Country Mirrors

So what exactly does a French country mirror look like? Well, you can find these mirrors in a few styles. From intricate gold frames to distressed wood frames, there are several beautiful choices for French farmhouse mirrors. Mirrors are fantastic decoration accents because they make any room appear larger.

In addition, they serve so many practical purposes from checking your outfit to fixing your makeup before you dash out the door! These mirrors could be used in the entryway of your home, in the bathroom, in a hallway, in the bedroom above your dresser, and so many other places.


Here is some inspiration for styling your French country mirror! As you can see, the gold frame of this mirror really brings out the French country style of the piece.

Gold French Country Mirror via @simplyfrenchmarket

You should also check out the Baudry Mirror, the Evelyn Mirror, and the Celine Mirror if you are still looking for a French style mirror!

More French Country Decor

I hope this post helped you find your dream mirror in the French farmhouse style. We love decorating in the French country style! Here are a few more articles on Curated Interior to spark your creativity.

Happy decorating?

19 Charming French Country Mirrors

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