19 Most Gorgeous French Country Kitchens

If there’s one type of kitchen that I continue to fall in love with, it’s French country kitchens. I find them super charming and elegant in so many ways. French country decor is known for its vintage elements and old European style. Good news! There are so many creative decorative elements that you can easily copy even if you don’t live in a real “French” country home!

The kitchen is a place where we prepare meals for our family and friends. It’s such an important part of the home, and most of all, it’s one of the most functional spaces we need! Check out some of our favorite kitchens in the French farmhouse style below!

French Country Kitchens

Let’s talk about design trends in French farmhouse kitchen decor. Here are our favorite French farmhouse kitchen decor ideas and designs.

1. Crystal Chandelier

This is the ultimate kitchen lighting fixture if you’re going for the French farmhouse look. The light will gently reflect off the crystals hanging near the lightbulbs, giving the room an elegant glow.

French Country Kitchen with Crystal Chandelier via @simplyfrenchmarket

2. Checkered Floor Tile

This flooring design is quintessentially French! It works in many rooms, especially the kitchen.

French Country Kitchen with Checkered Floor Tile via @cat_in_france

3. Fleur de Lis Backsplash Tile

Go for a classic French motif like the famous fleur de lis for your backsplash kitchen tile.

French Country Kitchen with Fleur de Lis Backsplash Tile via @simplyfrenchmarket

4. French Louis Counter Chairs

The Louis chair is a beloved French furniture design that has stood the test of time. Luckily, a counter chair version is easy enough to find!

French Country Kitchen with French Louis Counter Chairs via @decoratinglife.ca

5. Apron Front Sink

You’ve got to have a farmhouse style, apron-front sink in your kitchen. It’s even better if it has a beautiful engraving on the front!

French Country Kitchen with Apron Front Sink via @somuchbetterwithage

6. Blue Pitcher and Flowers

Ceramic pitchers are handmade in the south of France and sold at markets by artisans. Get yourself a replica if you can’t get an original! Flowers are very welcome as well!

French Country Kitchen with Blue Pitcher and Flowers via @frenchlarkspur

7. Gray Floor Tile

French Country Kitchen with Gray Floor Tile via @white_and_faded

8. Light Blue Cabinets and Chairs

French Country Kitchen with Light blue Cabinets and Chairs via @provencepoiriers

9. Wood and Marble French Island Table

French Country Kitchen with Wood and Marble French Island Table via @frenchcountrycottage

10. Wood Ceiling Beams

Leave the wood ceiling beams in your home exposed for a rustic chic look.

French Country Kitchen with Wood Ceiling Beams via @sanctuaryhomedecor

11. Copper Pots

Copper pots and pans are the most common French cookware found in kitchens in France!

French Country Kitchen with Copper Pots

12. Blue Lacanche Range

Lacanche is a celebrated French range maker to know.

French Country Kitchen with Blue Lacanche Range via frenchcountrycottage

13. Marble Top Wood Table Island

French Country Kitchen with Marble Top Wood Table Island

14. Checkered Backsplash Tile

French Country Kitchen with Checkered Backsplash Tile via Maison Creative
Maison Creative

15. LaCornue Range

Another popular French range manufacturer, LaCornue ranges have stood the test of time. They are shipped around the world, but you’ll need to plan about 6 months in advance for this chef quality range.

French Country Kitchen with LaCornue Range

16. Wooden Island

French Country Kitchen with Wooden Island via @simplyfrenchmarket

17. Open Glass Shelves

Show off your French china on beautiful glass shelves.

French Country Kitchen with Open Glass Shelves via @the_fox_group_

18. Sink Skirt

French Country Kitchen with Sink Skirt via Brocantelle

19. Open Shelving

Keep the room airy and fresh with open kitchen shelving.

French Country Kitchen with Open Shelving

I hope you found these French country kitchens as inspiring as we did! We’re always on the hunt for the best interior design we know will inspire our readers. You can subscribe to our email list below to be notified of new posts. We love sharing with you popular design style guides, furniture buying guides, and other decorating tips!

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Happy curating!

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  1. Good Morning

    All these kitchens are way too sterile and not for people who actually cook nor are they actually French. I do appreciate you sharing but the topic is misleading. I was hoping to see actual French rustic kitchens.

    1. Maybe not completely French, but do have French elements. I’m quite inspired by some of these and I’ll take the bits I like and mix with ides of my own to create my own French-inspired kitchen ?

  2. I live in an ancient palazzo in a medieval hilltop town in Italy, but as I adore genuine 18th century french armoires and other cupboards for my informal spaces, my kitchen is entirely French provincial, complete with those 18th century armoires and cupboards and my Lacanche cooker. I so wish this fear of colour and attributing it to the French (who traditionally adore colour) would hurry up and pass because there’s nothing more beautiful than a real traditional French (or Italian) kitchen


    1. Wow your kitchen is gorgeous! I agree, there is a big fear of color. I do think the Italians do color fabulously! Yellow and blue are some of the best “hues” I see in Italy! Thanks for sharing!

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