25 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas on a Budget (Boho Style)

Bohemian bedrooms are perfect for free-spirits and worldly people. But what exactly does a Bohemian bedroom really look like? Well, we’ve got fifteen solid ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

To give you an idea of what’s ahead: Using natural materials and pretty tribal patterns are a couple of my favorite ways to decorate a boho-style bedroom. The walls of a boho bedroom will often have macramé decorations adorning them.

Carved wood and rattan are the two most popular bohemian beds I see in these bedrooms. The bed can be draped with a colorful patterned quilt. A Moroccan-style chandelier is the perfect lighting addition to a bohemian style bedroom.

For a toned-down look, go for natural colors like brown, beige, and white in the bedroom! As you see, bohemian decor is all about creating a relaxing space using elements inspired by nature.

Here are several of the most inspiring Boho bedrooms to get you started designing your dream bedroom!

Macramé Bedroom Wall Decor

A cream-colored crocheted bedspread with a delicate fringe sits on the bed. Geometric pillows with a colorful accent runner add warmth and whimsy to this chic boho bedding.

Bohemian bedroom decor ideas @colby_tice

Boho Whites

The white, rustic, open canopy frames a classic white bedding set. The chandelier above the bed has glass beads and wrought iron details. A delicate fringe surrounds the outside of the bedding as well as the central throw pillow. 

Modern Boho Bedroom

Shades of blue, cream, and beige create a comfortable, relaxed bedroom. The bed is cozy with billows in varying shades and patterns. A weathered blue geometric throw blanket sits on the end of the bed. 

Bohemian bedroom decorating @janettemalloryinteriors

Contemporary Boho Chic

Here, a black open-frame bed is decorated with a variety of earth tones in this inviting space. A padded headboard cushion adds softness. The unique bench at the end of the bed has shades of earthy reds and rich blues. 

Bohemian Bedroom Bench via @amberinteriors

Moroccan Boho

The pink tapestry bed covering in this bedroom adds playfulness and cheer. A cream-colored macrame hanging is in place of a headboard. A Moroccan style spherical light hangs above the bed. 

Bohemian bedroom decor via unknown

Warm Tones

Geometric accents and earth tones create a playful and inviting bedroom. The frayed burlap straps with seashells decorate the front throw pillows. The plush accents on the bedspread make for a soft space to relax. 

Bohemian Bedroom via @beach_casa

Rattan Headboard

A rattan framed bed has soft pink accents on the bed and the side table. White, wooden shiplap creates a clean and bright room. 

Bohemian Bedroom via @k_bloves

Sheer Canopy Bed

White feathers hang over this ethereal bed. A sheer, white canopy is open to a comfortably disheveled resting space. 

Bohemian bedroom with ivory sheets and white canopy drapes via @prinsessavanessa

Indoor House Plants

Greenery freshens up this bedroom space. A white cover with a colorful accent throw and pillow are creatively inviting. The classic bohemian macrame wall hanging is above the head of the bead. 

Bohemian Bedroom Decor via @saratoufali

Mid-Century Boho Style

A loose threaded watercolor piece is posted above a mid-century modern bed frame. White linens are accented by a grey geometric pillow. Ivy leaves drape across the back wall. The mid-century boho decorating style is always a winner.

Bohemian Bedroom with draped vines and wood platform bed via @theboholoft

Pop of Pink Sheets

A distressed headboard is a beautiful accent for this comfortably lived-in look. The sheets are a rosy pink and the accent pillows are varieties of cream and beige. An oversized knitted blanket sits on the lower edge of the bed. 

Bohemian bedroom with pink sheets via @prinsessavanessa

Boho Minimalism

Clean lines in this bedroom make for a simple elegance. A rattan headboard provides an earthy look with the white linens. A few pops of color from the throw blankets and accent pillows keep the space inviting. 

Bohemian bedroom with rattan headboard via @hatchinteriors

Boho Simplicity

Fairy lights accent the ivy tendrils draped along the side of the bed. A low mattress is cozy and inviting with plush throw blankets and pillows. 

Bohemian Bedroom with wood nightstand via @shylacino

Boho Bedroom Reading Nook

This chaise lounge is bursting with brilliant accents and boho bedroom style. Pillows in a variety of shapes, textures and colors pair well with the oversized knit blanket and sheepskin throw. 

Bohemian Chaise Lounge Decor via @herzenstimme

Boho Style Hanging Flowers

Vertically draped flowers frame a window above the bed. The plush bedding invites you to climb in and cuddle up with the waffle and cocoa on the bed. Accent lights warm up the space. 

Flowers hanging on the wall via @Viktoria.Dahlberg
Bohemian Bedroom Probably This Dabito
Probably This Dabito
Boho bedroom decor @ahhbeewelte
Bohemian Bedroom vintageinteriorxx
Bohemian Bedroom via pablo veiga
pablo veiga
Bohemian Bedroom via kristinlaing
Bohemian Bedroom thishouse5000
Bohemian Bedroom Sara Toufali
Sara Toufali
Bohemian Bedroom melaniestevenson
Bohemian Bedroom Kate Young Design
Kate Young Design
Bohemian Bedroom ball_and_claw_vintage

I hope you found these boho ideas inspiring when it comes to decorating your bedroom! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Happy curating!


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  1. I prefer more colorful Interiors, but I definitely appreciate these more natural looking faces. I especially love it when they had little pop of color. Excellent Roundup of inspiration, thank you for sharing.

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