7 Types of Mirrors You Need in Your Home

Mirrors can completely transform the look and feel of a room. They visually expand space, reflect light, and add style and personality. In my years as an interior decorator, I’ve learned there are so many creative ways to incorporate mirrors into home décor.

In this blog post, I’ll be breaking down the most popular types of mirrors and how to utilize them in your home. Whether you want to make a small space appear larger, illuminate a dark corner, or just add a touch of glamour, there’s a mirror to achieve your goals.

If you’re getting started decorating with mirrors, then here is a short and sweet guide to some of the different types of mirrors you should strongly consider for your place!

Read on to learn about framed mirrors, leaning mirrors, wall mirrors, stand-alone mirrors, and more. With the right mirror placement and style, you can reflect your personal taste and completely change the aesthetic of any room.

Let’s look at the versatile ways mirrors can be styled to elevate your home’s design.

Gold frame floor leaning mirror @lizmariegalvan

Types of Mirrors

You can purchase a mirror with or without a frame, and in all different shapes and sizes. I prefer colorless, minimalist mirrors, but you can find them in all different colors, too.

Mirrors generally make a space feel bigger than it is and reflect light easily. That’s what makes them such essential decorative objects!

Here are seven essential types of mirrors to consider.

1. Bathroom Mirror

Everyone needs a large bathroom mirror for washing your face and brushing your teeth at night. You can opt for a thin mirror if you have a small bathroom, or go for a medicine cabinet with a front mirror for more storage space!

2. Entryway Mirror

The entryway mirror is your last chance to check out your outfit and makeup before heading out the door for the day! If you have the space, then go for a full-length mirror, but if not, a smaller upper body mirror can work just as well!

3. Full-Length Mirror

Personally, I couldn’t live without my bedroom’s full-length mirror! It helps me ensure my outfit goes well together especially when I’m not sure what bag or shoes to pair with my clothing. The full-length mirror is essential to my morning dressing routine. You could get a thin one that hangs on the back of your bedroom door or closet door, or you could get a larger mirror with a pretty frame that rests on the floor and leans against the wall.

4. Leaning Mirror

That brings me to the leaner mirror, a staple in many styles of homes. If you have a small space, then consider putting a leaning mirror against a wall. It will make the space feel much larger, airy, bright and open! Leaning mirrors are having a moment everywhere from French country to Farmhouse homes. They most often come with an elegantly designed frame, but you can certainly find a minimal, straight frame if that is more your taste.

5. Dresser Mirror

Many people opt to keep a mirror above their dresser for putting on things like jewelry and make-up. You can also store scarves, headbands, and other accessories on your dresser, and then use this mirror to put them on in the morning!

6. Vanity Mirror

If you’re lucky enough to have a vanity to do your make-up, then you’ll absolutely want a well-lit vanity mirror for getting yourself beautiful in the morning!

7. Portable Mirror

Lastly, I always make sure I have at least one or two portable mirrors in the house so I can grab them and run out the door. Portable mirrors are great for touching up make-up on the go, and applying lipstick on the way because you didn’t have time to do it in the morning!

Types of Mirror Frames

Mirrors come in many different frame materials. Each material can totally change the vibe of your space. Here are popular mirror frame styles:

Mirror Styles

Mirrors also come in a variety of styles. Here are a few places to start your search if you have a particular style in mind:

You can hang mirrors on their own, or opt to layer them as seen here:

Three layered mirrors via @ivorylanehome

Do you agree or disagree with this essential mirror list?

7 Types of Mirrors You Need in Your Home!


  1. Thanks so much for talking about all the different styles of mirrors. My mom is remodeling her bathroom and she wants to get a big mirror to replace her old one. We’ve been looking into finding a place where we can look at different mirrors and styles.

  2. Thank you for this comprehensive guide! ‘Leaning Mirror’ resonated with me—having a small space, and incorporating storage mirrors seems like a game-changer for both aesthetics and practicality. Excited to explore this further!

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