21 Gorgeous Farmhouse Beds for a Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Looking for the perfect Farmhouse bed to furnish the bedrooms in your home? Today we’re sharing a quick overview of the different types of modern Farmhouse beds you can find online! We love the modern Farmhouse style for its family friendly nature and cozy design.

Farmhouse Beds

Here is an overview of the different types of popular farmhouse style beds you can pick for your home.

Metal is a popular choice for Farmhouse style bed frames. We have a metal farmhouse style bed in our guest bedroom, and while they look beautiful, keep in mind they are not as comfortable if you wish to sit up in bed! Of course with enough pillows, you can create a cozy makeshift headboard!

Wood is probably the most commonly used material to craft Farmhouse furniture, including beds. Wood gives any room a rustic, country vibe so it’s perfect for modern Farmhouse bedrooms! You can find solid wood beds or just a wood frame with upholstered fabric inside. These are great for leaning against!

Spindle beds are also very popular and give the room a country feel. They are also sometimes called Jenny Lind beds, named after a Swedish opera singer who toured the US in the 19th century. The beds were a hit, and since then they have been a staple of popular farmhouse bedroom furniture.

Upholstered farmhouse beds are less common but you can certainly find some really cute ones! Now that you have a general overview of the modern farmhouse style beds that are available, here are a few of our favorite affordable beds to shop online:


As you can see there’s quite a large selection of modern country beds to choose from depending on your budget. I am so happy that this trend has been popularized by Joanna Gaines and family on the Fixer Upper show. Retailers took notice of the show’s thrifty style and produced a ton of new furniture designs that fit her style perfectly! That means that Farmhouse furniture and decorations are much easier and cheaper to find than some other more obscure styles.

I love this beautiful Farmhouse bedroom decorated by Liz. The black iron metal Farmhouse frame bed sits beautifully in this bright white room with shiplap walls. A single exposed wood ceiling beam helps to warm the space and the sheer curtains that hang down can filter the sunlight if needed. A small white country bench sits at the end of the metal footboard and holds a small bucket of autumn flowers. This is an all-around great space to spend time in, I’m sure!


I hope this article helped you find the Farmhouse bed you were looking for!

If you’re looking for more Farmhouse furniture and decor ideas, then don’t miss some of our popular guides to decorating in the modern Farmhouse style! We’ve got a ton of time-tested ideas and product recommendations for you here.

Happy curating!


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