15 Lovely Kitchens With Open Shelving

In the world of kitchen design, open shelving has emerged as a popular and practical trend that is transforming the way we think about storage and display. Gone are the days of closed-off, cluttered cabinets – open shelving offers a refreshing alternative that puts your prized possessions on full display while creating a sense of airiness and openness in the heart of your home.

Whether you’re drawn to the rustic charm of wooden shelves or the sleek sophistication of floating glass units, this versatile design element can be tailored to suit a variety of kitchen styles. Discover how open shelving can maximize your storage potential.

Forget upper cabinets! After you see these lovely kitchens with open shelving, you’ll wonder why you ever thought you needed upper cabinets in the kitchen. Kitchens with open shelving tend to open up the room and make it feel ten times larger than it actually is. That’s why they work wonderfully in smaller kitchen spaces.

If you’re worried about the shelves looking cluttered, then choose neutral or white-colored objects to place there, and make sure they’re neatly arranged.

Check out these gorgeous kitchens that have mastered the open-shelving look! If you’re thinking about ditching your kitchen cabinets, these rooms prove it’s possible!

I love the contrast of dark wood shelving against the soft white marble tile backsplash in this kitchen. The dark blue cabinets give the room a pop.

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets with Open Upper Shelving via Design Sponge
Design Sponge

The white herringbone backsplash tile in this kitchen provides the perfect backdrop for these wood floating shelves to stand out. With golden decorations on the top shelf and white necessities on the bottom, this is a very practical way to organize your kitchen shelves.

Bistro Kitchens with Open Shelving Brass Cabinet Pulls Bold Blue Cabinets via Style At Home
Style At Home

Black cabinets are a great way to add a dramatic look to a kitchen. They work great in kitchens with airy shelving instead of upper cabinets. I think black upper cabinets would be too intense, but this one works wonderfully.

Black Kitchen Cabinets in Kitchen with Open Wood Shelving via Studio McGee
Studio McGee
Green Kitchen Cabinets in Kitchen with Open Shelving via Little Green Notebook
Little Green Notebook
Kitchen with Solid White Open Shelves and Silver and Gold French Stove via Parkes and Lamb Interiors
Parkes and Lamb Interiors

A giant kitchen island like this is my dream! Look at how the open shelving helps keep the space functional while remaining open and spacious.

Marble Kitchen Island in Kitchen with Open Shelving Photo by Patrick Butler-Madden
Patrick Butler-Madden

You can add some art to the shelves to keep the space fun and eclectic.

Mint green kitchen cabinets below neutral open shelves kitchen with white backsplash tiling via The Everygirl
The Everygirl

A combination of open shelving and upper cabinets can work too.

Neutral Kitchen with Natural Wood Open Shelving via StudioMcGee
Studio McGee

Open shelving works great in farmhouse kitchens too!

Open Kitchen Shelves Farmhouse Style via Vintage Home Love
Vintage Home Love
Kitchens with Open Shelving via
Kitchens with Open Shelving and White Subway Tile
Kitchens with Open Shelving and Oriental Rug
Kitchens with Open Shelving and Marble Backsplash
Kitchens with Open Shelving and Dark Green Cabinets

Would you add open shelving to your kitchen? Tell us why or why not in the comments below!



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