10 Charming French Country Breakfast Nook Decor Ideas

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I would be overjoyed to enjoy it in one of these gorgeous French country breakfast nooks. These lovely spaces are perfect for enjoying a piece of toast and a freshly brewed latte. I would be so happy to start my day in these charming breakfast nooks. 

The breakfast nook is a small area which usually branches off from the kitchen. It’s a place to enjoy a quick breakfast before starting the day at work or school. This informal dining area is practical for quickly serving breakfast meals and cleaning up fast afterwards. There’s something so lovely about breakfast nooks and if you’re lucky enough to have one, you should take the time to decorate it according to your style and aesthetic. 

Some people use their kitchen island with bar stools and counter chairs as a breakfast nook, while others have a dedicated separate seating area. They could have a small dining table and several side chairs for easy, short-term dining. 

French Country Breakfast Nooks

Today we’re going to take a look at French country style breakfast nooks. I love French country style decor because it’s got that European sophistication and vintage French charm to it. Lots of homeowners in the US have decorated their homes in the French country style, so don’t worry if you don’t live in a chateau in the French countryside! You can absolutely get this look for your home, too. 

Rustic Kitchen Island turned Breakfast Nook

This kitchen actually has two breakfast nooks if you look closely! The rustic kitchen island has been turned into a breakfast nook at the end of the island, but also there is a small white bistro table which has two painted white metal garden chairs nearby. Either place would be a great place to have breakfast in the morning!

Rustic Kitchen Island turned French Country Breakfast Nook at the End via @simplyfrenchmarket

Round Pedestal Table

You’ll notice that most French breakfast nooks have a round wood pedestal table with 3 or 4 chairs around it!

Round Pedestal Table and Hats on wall in French Country Breakfast Nook via @laureltrace


This unique nook has a small settee for breakfast seating and a white side table for eating.

Settee in French Country Breakfast Nook via @white_and_faded

Vintage Wood Chairs

This breakfast nook overlooks the beautiful green grass of the countryside! It has six vintage wood chairs, a rustic dining table, and a traditional wood French stool. A French vintage crystal chandelier hangs from the ceiling.

Vintage Wood Chairs in French Country Breakfast Nook via @cat_in_france

White Cane Chairs

Four traditional French white cane chairs sit around a white country table in this French breakfast nook.

White Cane Chairs French Country Breakfast Nook with via @simplyfrenchmarket

White Slipcovered Dining Chairs

Slipcovered dining chairs are a popular choice in French country homes.

White Slipcovered Chairs in French Country Breakfast Nook via @decoratinglife.ca

Cross-back Dining Chairs

The traditional French cross-back dining chair works great for the breakfast room! Centered around a rustic wood dining table, this room is warm and welcoming. A round marble slab holds a vase of lilacs from the garden.

Cross-back Dining Chairs French Country Breakfast Nook via @fadedcharmliving

Crystal Chandelier

When it comes to French country lighting, you can’t go wrong with a crystal chandelier!

Crystal Chandelier in French Country Breakfast Nook via @rarecorners

Dried Flowers

The French love decorating with dried flowers in their homes. This type of decoration lasts much longer than fresh flowers. They are stabilized to hold their color and even scent!

Dried flowers in a cream white pitcher on table of French Country breakfast nook via via Hello-hello Coralie
Hello-hello Coralie

Urn Centerpiece

The urn is a very common French country decoration. Here, it works well as a centerpiece for holding flowers in the breakfast room.

Urn Centerpiece in French Country Breakfast Nook via @designthusiasm

I hope you found these French country breakfast nook ideas very inspiring! There are many different ways to do the French country chic look in your dining space.

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