10 Best Cross-Back Dining Chairs and X-Back Chair Ideas

One easy way to instantly elevate your dining space is by upgrading your dining chairs. Cross-back chairs are a timeless, stylish choice that works with any dining table and adds beauty to your dining room design.

Today I’m sharing my picks for the best cross-back dining chairs you can buy right now. These chairs come in styles, colors, and budgets to suit any home. Whether your style is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, you’ll find the perfect X-back chairs here to pull your dining room together.

I’ll talk about what to look for when shopping for these chairs and provide tips on how to incorporate them into your space. Let’s get started – keep reading for the top cross-back chairs that will take your dining room from drab to fab!

What are Cross-Back chairs? Cross-back chairs are dining chairs that are similar to bentwood chairs, but instead feature two slabs of crossed wood, as opposed to the round arches. Also called X-back chairs, these chairs go great in a dining room with a farmhouse or vintage style, nothing too modern. The chairs are often paired with wood dining tables.

Best Cross-Back Dining Chairs

If you’re in the market for quality cross-back dining chairs, we highly recommend options made from solid wood for durability and a classic look. Brands like Pottery Barn and Homethreads offer myriad styles and finishes that can seamlessly fit into most rustic decor themes.

For budget-friendly choices without compromising on style, consider checking out retailers like IKEA or Wayfair, which offer affordable yet stylish cross-back chairs.

Check out our favorite affordable cross-back dining chairs below. Keep in mind some of these chairs come in sets of 2 only, so factor that into the price.

History of Cross-Back or “X” Chairs

The cross-back or “X-back” dining chair design has roots in European furniture history, particularly influenced by French country and farmhouse styles. Originating in the 19th century, these chairs were initially designed for their durability and practicality. Made from materials like wood or metal, they were commonly used in cafés and bistros across Europe.

The X-shaped design provided extra support and stability, making the chairs both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Over time, the X-back chair design has evolved and diversified but has retained its essential character. Today, X-back chairs are popular in a variety of settings, from casual to formal, and they seamlessly blend with different interior design themes. They are a timeless choice that offers both comfort and style.

How to Style Cross-Back Dining Chairs

Here are a few tips for decorating with cross-back dining chairs in your dining room.

Black Cross-Back Chairs

To decorate a dining room with black cross-back dining chairs, consider pairing them with a light-colored dining table for a striking contrast that draws attention to the chairs’ unique design. Complement the look with neutral-toned tableware and accents like gold or silver metallics to achieve a balanced and elegant aesthetic.

Black x-back chairs in dining room via House & Home Lloyd Ralphs Design
House & Home / Lloyd Ralphs Design

Brown Cross-Back Chairs

Go for an earthy, organic look by pairing rich brown leather or wood cross-back dining chairs with live edge wood dining tables and natural textiles. Incorporate greenery like succulents and snake plants paired with rattan or woven accents to complement brown X-back chairs for a warm, inviting dining space.

Brown wood cross back chairs via Flax Design
Flax Design
Brown x-back dining chairs via via House & Home
House & Home
Cross back dining chairs in Beach House Dining Room Designed by Old Seagrove Homes
Old Seagrove Homes

Light Wood Cross-Back Chairs

Pair light beige wood cross-back dining chairs with a whitewashed wood table for contrast and visual interest. Accent with neutral colors like cream and taupe on the walls, window treatments, and a patterned rug to allow the beige chairs to stand out as the focal point of the dining space.

Cross back x back dining chairs our_wandsworth_home

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