17 Durable Farmhouse Rugs

Farmhouse rugs are sometimes an afterthought when decorating a farmhouse style home. However, rugs are almost as important of a design decision as picking out your Farmhouse style sofa! After all, rugs take up the most amount of floor space in your living room. Farmhouse style rugs are often beige, white, gray, or brown in color. This neutral color scheme is common in farmhouse style decor and design. Neutral colors keep the room airy and light and give off a friendly, family vibe.

Farmhouse Rugs

These farmhouse style rugs are affordable and perfect for your country space! You’ll notice a few key themes in these rugs: vintage designs, faded coloring, to braided fibers, and natural tones. There’s even a cowhide rug that would be perfect in the living room of any farmhouse home.


Remember, farmhouse style is all about creating a comfortable, welcoming home. Don’t pick a rug that will be too distracting for your family and guests. Instead, go with a durable, long-lasting rug that can weather heavy use by your family. While darker tones can be easiest to clean, a lighter, beige tone gives a feeling of warmth to your space. Whatever rug you pick, make it sure it contrasts with your sofa without being to distracting!

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We hope this post helped you get that famous Fixer Upper look in your home! Do you know of an amazing rug we didn’t share? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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