7 Beautiful English Country Entryways

If you are a fan of rustic country home style, then these English country entryways are sure to inspire you. English country foyers can be big or small, offering storage or not. They could be small reception rooms, formal foyers, messy mudrooms, or just pass-through spaces. 

The entryway serves as a very practical space in English country homes in particular. After coming in from the rain or muddy grass, they are the perfect place to remove your boots so as not to track in any dirt through the house. The front entry hall may be where you receive guests for a dinner party.

English Country Entryways

We hope you’ll find lots of inspiration in these quintessential English country foyers, entryways, and mudrooms! The English country style is the perfect mix of traditional charm and rustic interiors. That’s why we love it!

Umbrellas hanging down from ceiling above large open foyer

Umbrellas hanging down over Large English Country Foyer via Simon Upton
House & Garden / Simon Upton

Built-in Bench

Built-in Bench in English Country Foyer Design

Round Wood Table

Round Wood Table in English Country Entryway via Victoria Mag
Victoria Mag

Rustic Door

Rustic Door in English Country Entryway Design via Beata Heuman
Beata Heuman

Umbrella Barrel

Umbrella Barrel in English Country Entry Design

Mudroom with Shoe Storage and Farmhouse Sink

Mudroom with Shoe Storage and Farmhouse Sink in English Country House via K&H Design
K&H Design

Carpeted Stairs

Carpeted Stairs in English Country Entry Design

I hope you enjoyed our English country decor inspiration of the day! I always find these country homes so charming. I hope to come across many more examples of charming English Country interiors, and I’ll be sure to share the best ones with you here. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

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