10 Most Inspiring English Country Bedrooms

These English country bedrooms will inspire you to give your bedroom a makeover fit for a countryside home in the Cotswolds. If you love British decorating and UK home designs, then these bedrooms will surely spark your creativity!

Here are the most inspiring English country bedroom decor ideas we found online. We love English country decor for its British charm and traditional design. From floral bedspreads to cozy interiors, there are so many reasons to love British home decor.

English Country Bedrooms

Now, for this article we’re going to focus on the bedroom. Every bedroom should be welcoming and calm, perfect for getting a good night’s rest! This post will give you ideas for choosing the right English style bed, nightstand, and dresser.

Here are our favorite English country style bedrooms for decor and design inspiration!

Traditional Canopy Bed

The traditional canopy bed with a skirted curtain at the top is a great design choice for the British bedroom.

Traditional Canopy Bed in English Country Bedroom via Robert Kime and House and Garden UK
Robert Kime and House and Garden UK

Wood Bed Frame

A rustic wood bed frame is a must for a cozy English bedroom design!

Wood Bed Frame in English Country Bedroom Design

Skirted Nightstand

This large round table has a flowing fabric draped over it, creating a skirted nightstand in this English bedroom.

Skirted Nightstand in English Country Bedroom Decor via Rita Konig
Rita Konig

Painted Furniture

Painted furniture is a traditional European design accent. Here, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers has been carefully painted on this nightstand cabinet with a green background.

Painted Nightstand Furniture via House and Garden and Serena Foyle
House and Garden and Serena Foyle

Rustic Wood Nightstand

A simple wood side table serves as a practical country nightstand in this English style bedroom.

Rustic Wood Nightstand Table via Caroline Holdaway
Caroline Holdaway

Rustic Wood Dresser

This distressed wood dresser looks beautiful in this classic English bedroom design.

Rustic Wood Dresser English Country Bedroom via Caroline Holdaway
Caroline Holdaway

Chaise Lounge

For long reading sessions in private, a chaise lounge is a wonderful addition to your English bedroom.

Chaise Lounge in corner of English Country Bedroom

Chintz Wallpaper

Chintz is a classic English country wall decorating idea that looks beautiful in the bedroom. This room even has a matching floral bedspread. A gingham upholstered bed is one of the classic English country beds to design with.

Chintz Wallpaper in English Country Bedroom via Victoria Mag
Victoria Mag

Pink Pastel Wall

Pastel colors are a great English country wall decor idea. This bedroom has soft pink paint on the walls and a visible wood ceiling beam.

Pink Pastel Wall in English Country Bedroom via Charles O’Connor and Edward Greenall House and Garden
Charles O’Connor and Edward Greenall House and Garden

Floral Bedspread

This beautiful floral bedspread is a great example of English country bedding. I love the pastel colors and feminine floral print. A floral pitcher and floral artwork hang on the wall.

Floral Bedspread in English Country Bedroom Design

As you can see, there are so many ways to decorate an English country bedroom. From traditional design to modern creature comforts, the modern English country decor is look is absolutely attainable in any bedroom. I hope this guide to how to decorate an English country bedroom inspired you!

English Country Decor Ideas

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If you are British, then I hope this post made you proud! Please follow us for even more British decorating ideas.

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  1. hi! what is the name of the style of bedspread on the last picture. (or even better if someone has a link! :). ) It looks like a “mattress topper” sitting on the bed almost. (the light blue with florals). Thank you!!!

    1. Hi, it’s called an eiderdown ( eye-der-down). They were in use in many many homes until other alternatives became available. They were called eiderdown because initially they were made with the feathers of the eider duck, but often were made with layers of thick fabric. They had their heyday in the 1930s, 1940s and 50s when they became glamourised with the rise in interior fashions. No doubt it was the introduction of central heating that reduced popularity, the ubiquitous duvet would have heralded “game over”! Ironically the two are in essence, the same thing. Vintage websites, might very well have some originals to purchase. Enjoy!!

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