13 Best English Roll Arm Sofas to Shop Now

Are you thinking about redecorating your house? If so, then you’re probably looking for a new sofa to give your living room that extra special touch. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there – and we’ve got some great ideas on one of the best types of sofa available today.

Even though there are lots of wonderful types of sofas out there, we thought we’d introduce you to a timeless sofa. This is a sofa that has stood the test of time and is still a popular interior design choice today. It’s been spotted in the homes of tastemakers like Jenna Lyons and Sophia Coppola!

If you are intrigued about this sofa, well we are here to introduce you to… the English roll arm sofa. 

In this guide, we are going to look at the English Roll Arm sofa in great detail. We are going to walk you through the history of this sofa, design modifications, and share the highest quality stunning English roll arm sofas you can buy today. 

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What Is An English Roll Arm Sofa? 

An English Roll Arm sofa is a sofa that has very distinguishable arms. The main characteristics of the English Roll Arm sofa are that it has a deep seat, rolled arms, and it has a tight back. Its legs are often made of turned wood casters. This description might be a bit confusing but when you see one, it will become crystal clear!

The name of the sofa refers to its side profile. When you look at the side silhouette of most traditional English Roll-Arm sofas, you will notice there is a dip within the arm. On traditional English Roll-Arm sofas, the seat cushions are known as ‘T’ cushions. 

As you can guess by the name of the sofa, the English roll arm sofa has a very English country feel to it. This is a sofa that you would expect to see in a traditionally styled London townhouse or a countryside escape in rural England. However, the different variations of this sofa have made it extremely versatile and you will often see this sofa in a modern setting.

English Roll Arm Sofa History

Considering this sofa has been around a while, you would expect that it has a rich history. However, this isn’t the case. What we do know about the history of the sofa is that it was created in the 1800s and became very popular during this period of time. 

This style of sofa became popular due to the furniture designer George Smith. To this day, this style of sofa is one of the most common suggestions interior designers make to clients as it can elevate any space.

If you want something that is more modern, there is a contemporary version of this sofa for you. Modern versions of the English Roll-Arm sofa often feature looser cushions, compared to the tight cushions used for the standard version. 

This style of English Roll Arm sofas also tends to have thicker armrests compared to the original style. They may also have fewer curves in them. They may also have straight legs in comparison to the curved legs of the standard versions.

Some companies even allow you to change the material of the English Roll Arm sofa, and I’ve come across leather versions of this sofa available to buy. They also come in different colors like blue, purple, yellow, green and more!

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Are English Roll Arm Sofas Comfortable? 

Of course, before buying a new sofa the one thing you need to be certain of is if the sofa is comfortable. Comfort largely depends on the design and individual preference. However, in general, English roll arm sofas are very comfortable. 

Many people continue to decorate their homes or workspaces with this style of sofa, which is a testament to their comfort. The great thing is, due to the different variations of the English Roll Arm sofa, you’ll find a design that has your comfort needs in mind. 

For example, the standard design of the English Roll Arm sofa has a tight back which provides firmness for those who need it. However, modern variations of this style of sofa also feature loose cushions. 

Brown English roll arm sofa living room decor Jean Stoffer Design
Jean Stoffer Design

The Best English Roll Arm Sofas

Now that you know more about the English Roll Arm sofa, we have put together a list of the 10 best English Roll Arm sofas currently available to buy. So if you are interested in purchasing one, hopefully, this list will help you find the perfect one for you or give you some inspiration.

Here are the English rolled arm sofas we recommend in order from LEAST expensive to most. Keep in mind, that the prices will fluctuate depending on the size you pick and the quality of the fabric, but this is a general guide to help you understand which brands are offering these sofas for cheap or expensive prices.

Bedford Sofa

This beautiful English Roll Arm sofa from Williams Sonoma has the same classic feel to it as many of the standard variations of the English Roll Arm sofa. This sofa is very high quality and is handcrafted in the US. 

We love that this sofa has an eco-friendly cushion core. There are also plenty of fabric and color choices to choose from with this English roll arm sofa.

Brooke Sofa

If you want an English Roll Arm sofa that has a more relaxed and loose feel to it, the Brooke sofa has got you covered. This English Roll Arm sofa from One King Lane has a modern loose look to it. Instead of featuring a tight back, this sofa has cushions at the back of the sofa. This makes the emphasis on comfort clear. 

The two front legs of this sofa pay tribute to that old English design that the English Roll Arm sofa is known for. This made-to-order sofa has different color options for you to choose from.

Glenlee Two-Cushion Sofa

This stunning English Roll Arm sofa from Anthropologie would be a pivotal piece in any home. The design of this sofa is sleek and it has a tight back. What is great about this English Roll Arm sofa is that it is customizable. You can change the size of the sofa. You have power over the color of the fabric and the color of the leg finishes. There is also the option to choose the hardware finish. 

This is an ideal English Roll sofa for those of you who prefer the standard design over the modern design. This sofa looks like it could be from a London townhouse in the 1800s. 

English Roll Arm Sofa Alternatives

If you want a similar sofa for a fraction of the price. Check out these beautiful English Roll Arm sofa alternatives.

Hayes Sofa

If you are looking for a sofa that has traditional English arms and a cozy look to it, then the Hayes sofa by One King Lane is the ideal sofa for you. This sofa is made from velvet which gives it that rich look. 

It is an elegant sofa with two caster front legs, making the sofa feel as though it should be in a Georgian house. This sofa is available to buy in a variety of colors. It is a made-to-order sofa, so the delivery times are a little longer than others. This beautiful English Roll-Arm sofa is made in the USA.

Willoughby Two-Cushion Sofa

If you are looking for a mixture of the classic and modern English Roll Arm sofa, then this Anthro Willoughby couch is the sofa for you. The Willoughby Two-Cushion sofa by Anthropologie is the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional. 

This sofa by Anthropologie has all the desired elements of an English roll arm sofa. It features the tight-back that is often seen in standard designs. It has a curve on the arms. What makes this sofa more modern is there is straightness to the sofa. The curves that feature on standard English roll-arm sofas are less exaggerated on this sofa. This makes it a great piece for anyone who has a modern interior!

Channel Tufted Two-Cushion Sofa

If you are looking for a sofa that will instantly make your home look cozier, but also has that traditional English charm, this is the sofa for you. The Channel Tufted Two-Cushion sofa from Anthropologie has the classic English Roll Arm shape to it.

Clever design modifications make this sofa stand out. Whilst it does feature a tight back, the back of this sofa is channel-tufted, for the ultimate comfort. The sofa is available to buy in many colors, including some beautifully bold ones, and fabrics from velvet to linen.

Luann Recessed Arm Sofa

There is nothing that is quite as impressive as seeing a button-tufted sofa. This sofa screams elegance and would pull together any room. What is great about this sofa is that it is simple but still catches your eye. This sofa has a modern feel to it as there are more straight lines rather than curves. Yet, this English Roll Arm sofa does have the staple curve on the arms. This affordable sofa is available to buy from Wayfair. It is a great combination of old-fashioned designs mixed with more contemporary ones. 

Merrimack Right-Facing Sectional

If you want an English Roll Arm sofa but with a sectional chaise lounge, then this Merrimack Right-Facing Sectional is the one for you. Not only does this sofa have an elongated seat, but it also has cushions at the back. This makes this sofa from One King Lane feel more spacious. The thick wooden legs on this sofa also give it a trendy feel. 

The Merrimack Right-Facing English Roll Arm sectional also features the desired curves on the sofa arms. The back cushions provide comfort by being soft but the seat cushions are firm. This style of sectional is available in different colors and materials, but they are not made to order. 

Cheap English Arm Loveseat with Reversible Cushions

If you are in the market for an affordable loveseat, that is guaranteed to make your home cozier, this is the cheap English loveseat for you. This cheap English Roll Arm loveseat is available at Wayfair. Though the arms on this loveseat might be small, they still have a deep curve in them, true to English Roll Arm sofas. This is a more stylish take on the English Roll Arm sofa as it has a loose feel to it from the cushioned back and the thicker legs. 

Budget Cheatham Round Arm Sofa

If you are searching for a simple and budget-friendly English Roll Arm sofa, then this is the one for you. This affordable sofa by Kelly Clarkson Home is available at Wayfair and has beautiful detailing to it. It features a nailhead trim which adds extra elegance to this piece. 

With a mixture of old meets new, the stunning legs match the straightness of the arms. This budget English Roll Arm sofa would be a perfect fit in any family room. It is also available to buy in a few other colors.

English Roll Arm sofas are elegant and timeless living room sofas. They are a piece of furniture that will instantly upgrade any home. If you want a sofa that is capable to fit in with any decor and stands the test of time, then you should consider the English Roll-Arm sofa. Interior designers everywhere adore these sofas as they add character to any space. 

We hope this guide to the English Roll Arm sofa has provided you with all the information you need to know. Hopefully, you feel confident about the English roll arm sofa and have become inspired by it. Please share this guide with others who may benefit from this knowledge. Thank you for reading!



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