15 Best English Country Dining Tables

A home wouldn’t be complete without a dining area. The dining room of an English home is usually near the kitchen but totally separated, so that meals can be prepared without disturbing guests. Different kinds of gatherings can be held with family and friends in rustic English country houses.

Every person differs in what interior design styles and themes they like. Some prefer minimalism while others want a lively, colorful, and fancy home. Personally, I prefer the traditional elegance of British homes that preserve the vintage collections of their ancestors.

This article will mainly focus on the best English country dining tables on the market and how to style them appropriately in your rural home!

English Country Dining Room Style

Styling your dining room might be one of the most rewarding processes after successfully buying or building it. As a homeowner, you need to craft and design your houses based on what suits your family and personal style best. If you love English country interior design, I think you’ll like this English dining table shopping guide!

English Country style is a very traditional cottage aesthetic that often features a historic house surrounded by lush farmland, rolling hills, and set on an expansive country yard. The goal is to create a relaxing, pleasant dining room design that gives off a really classic, English vibe.

English Country Dining Tables via Ben Thompson Heckfield Place
Ben Thompson Heckfield Place

If you are planning to renovate the style of your house in a British theme, the color palette I recommend for you is natural and unsaturated colors. You might want to add some textures such as woods, stones, and metals, mainly in your house’s interiors and exterior areas. Doing so will give you those farm and country home in England vibes.

When it comes to English furniture such as the dining table, go for solid wood tables in a dark finish to authenticate an English Country style home. You can also add some figurines, vintage vases with flowers, and fabrics made from embroidered carpet or floor cloth to accentuate the totality of your home.

English Country Style Dining Table Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas for your English Country Style dining table set up? If yes, then you came to the right place. There is a wide range of farmland or country yard dining table designs that you can choose from. English-style dining tables often have turned legs and a traditional design. Here are the best English country dining tables you can buy on the internet without traveling to England yourself!

As you can see, there are two major kinds of dining tables that will fit your English Country dining room style. These are the rustic wood dining table and white cottage dining tables.

Rustic Wood Dining Table

To create a dashing English farmhouse vibe inside your dining space, you might want to add a rustic wood dining table to your furniture shopping list. The distressed wood materials used in making a table like this speaks for themselves in giving an English Country aesthetic touch to your home. You can also try to match this kind of dining table with other rustic and wooden furniture – your house will scream English Country home chic!

White Cottage Dining Table

If you are a minimalist yet want to add some country grounds vibes to your dining area, go for a white cottage dining table. A creamy white color combined with a smooth wooden finish of the table gives a clean yet farmland house. It is better to color coordinate your home with neutral and muted colors. We all know that white is a simple tone yet incredibly elegant color in the home’s palette!

I hope you appreciated this post on the best English Country dining tables!


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