5 English Country Makeup Vanity Ideas

If there’s one piece of furniture most present in English country home bedroom decor and interior design, it’s the dressing table or makeup vanity.

A dressing table or makeup vanity is a piece of furniture used primarily for applying makeup, doing hair, and dressing up. It typically consists of a table or desk with a mirror, drawers or shelves for storage of cosmetics, hair tools, and jewelry, and a stool or chair for sitting.

Dressing tables or makeup vanities are commonly found in English country bedrooms, dressing rooms, and bathrooms, and were popular among upper-class English women who wanted a dedicated space for getting ready and looking their best. These vintage pieces of furniture come in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to suit different tastes and needs.

Here are several cute English country makeup vanity ideas to inspire your own home design.

English Country Makeup Vanity ideas The English Home May 2013
The English Home May 2013
English country vanity makeup @emma_ainscough
English Country Vanity ideas via Alice Naylor-Leyland
Alice Naylor-Leyland
English country makeup vanity decor Violet Victoria Dent
Violet Victoria Dent
English Country Makeup Vanities Rupert and Anna Bradstock
Rupert and Anna Bradstock
English Country Makeup Vanity Ideas Rita Konig
Rita Konig

I hope these English country makeup vanity ideas inspired you!

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