15 Best Rustic Wooden Stools for Your Bathroom or Kitchen

I’ve recently noticed a very popular home decor trend in a wide variety of homes. More and more people are using a little rustic wooden stool in different rooms in their homes. You can put a rustic wooden stool in your bathroom near the bathtub to hold towels and bath products. You can also put one in your kitchen to use as a step stool and reach the top of those upper cabinets. There are so many uses for these small pieces of furniture.

I wanted to round up a few of the most beautiful rustic wooden stools that I could find online. Here is what I came across. Most of these stools are quite affordable, but pay attention to the materials they are made of if you want a piece that will last a long time! Teak is a common material to craft wooden stools. Teak stools will be durable and aesthetically pleasing. Each of these stools will give you the rustic interior look you crave!

Rustic Stools


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Happy curating!

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